• Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Our Recent Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

We went to Singapore just recently and had a blast. We’ve been before so didn’t have to hit up all the tourist sites. I’ll link some older articles with some weekend in Singapore tips below so you can plan your own whirlwind weekend! I’m also sorry that I said I’d snapchat and didn’t. It lasted until I got drunk on the first night and then I gave up – I will try again lol.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singaporephotos of the Quincy Hotel

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Our Weekend in Singapore

Ben’s best friend from his school days, Dom, got married to Massy a Singaporean girl who we’ve been lucky to have met before when we visited them. She’s adorable and a fashion designer! Dom has been living in Singapore/Kuala Lumpur for something like 5 years.

Dom’s brother, Mitch, who is also Ben’s BFF came out too with his wife Laura and their other friend James. We definitely partied ourselves silly on the first night and it was a bit rough from there on out. The boys spent Saturday go-karting and were really tired after that. Laura and I walked around Orchard Road which is the famous shopping street.

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Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

We were informed that Club Street is the place to be on Friday nights so that’s where we went for drinks after some Thai food at Soi 60 in Roberson Quay. I loved my curry. It was very tasty food. Affordable by Singapore standards at about $15 a dish. Obviously not Thai prices haha.

After Club Street, which was PACKED and so much fun, we wandered off somewhere via a party bus where we were coerced (by Ben) into taking regrettable Jäger shots. If you’re on a budget don’t opt for the party bus instead of a taxi it was like $100 for a 5 minute ride but we were a collective 60+ beers deep at this point. The nightlife in Singapore is so much fun.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Get a taxi app!

I HIGHLY recommend downloading the app Grab if you pick up a Singapore SIM card (it has to be a local SIM to work). In Singapore to catch a cab you can’t just grab one off the street in most place, as there are lines and people would be furious if you cut. Leaving the mall the line out in the sun was about 20 minutes long. So, the app was a lifesaver. We used it the whole time, it’s fixed price, and you pay in cash. You don’t have to worry about being ripped off. You can download the Andriod or Apple one.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeWe didn’t have the best luck with food while there but mainly because we just didn’t have the time. We went to Morton’s steakhouse in the Mandarin Oriental which was a splurge but really delicious food. You can expect about $100 for a steak and $30 for a salad. You should make a reservation.

We didn’t go into any hawker’s markets this time and go for much local food since we did all that last time, and personally Ben and I didn’t love all the food we tried. You can read about it all in the article below. We had High Tea at the Raffles which has some local yummies. We also ate at Boomerang where we didn’t love the food but the vibe is really fun and they play sports so the guys wanted to watch some bike races!

The first day there, Ben and I were wandering around looking to buy him some socks and saw a sign for a place you could “pet puppies.” We immediately went to check it out but decided $20 a piece to pet dogs when we’re surrounded by them in India was absurd.  It took us a few minutes to decide that… but we did which is what matters ;)

Dog and Cat cafes are not uncommon in Asia. Here’s a list of some in Singapore.

Dom and Massy’s Wedding!

Of course the main reason we were in Singapore was for a WEDDING! It was so unique and fun to attend. Massy’s wedding was Malaysian/Muslim so the languages spoken were Malay, English, and Arabic and the “solemnizer” would speak them all.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeShe’s not ready for this pic, but still looks amazing and I really want you to see the dress!

Massy wore TWO stunning dresses and was perfect. Dom and the boys wore something similar to an Indian lungi and looked so nice. The wedding was very short and the signed papers and were not allowed to kiss once it was final. Lots of photos and Malaysian food later, we were off. You cannot drink at Muslim weddings of course because well, it’s the rule.
Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore Massy had 3 photographers there and the newlyweds were so tired from having a million photos taken I didn’t really get a great pic of them – I have some but eyes are closed here and there so will only post the good ones!

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeBen and I have the same glasses on our heads haha… I just picked up Ben a pair of original Wayfarers while in Istanbul, which were from his family to him for his birthday. I tried them on and thought hmm I like these. I looked online at vision direct who deliver internationally, and turns out those and the Clubmaster are unisex…. so I got a pair. He’s not stoked that we match haha.

We had a really nice last night out at a few different bars. Unfortunately the Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar was closed due to rain, but Ben took Mitch and Laura to see the lights of MBS from the Fullerton Bay Hotel which is something we did our first time there. It’s a great place to have a few beers and see such a cool view.

The best part about Singapore is just popping into little pubs that are kind of like English ones. I didn’t really take note of all the names. There are so many! We had a yummy little pub lunch before everyone headed off on Monday to go back home.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeIt is always so nice to just chill and go with the flow a second time to a city when you don’t feel pressured to see the tourist sites, as you’ve seen them before. I love going back to London as well with Ben’s family and just getting to follow along with locals who know where to go and what to do.

Where we stayed in Singapore

We stayed two nights at the Raffles hotel as they invited me to do a review which you can read here. It’s a fantastic old hotel that’s ranked in the top 3 on TripAdvisor for the country. The Singapore Sling originates here and they are famous for their High Tea. It’s a great hotel.

raffles singapore review iconic hotelOn Sunday we shifted to the Quincy Hotel which is near Orchard Road and part of the Far East Hospitality group. It was modern and funky. I loved it. Guests get free mini bar, free buffet with chicken wings and such  booze from 6-8 (unheard of in Singapore), and other snacks all day like warm muffins, cookies, and a soft serve ice cream station! When you think about all you get free, it’s a steal. The rooms were white and crisp and every single room has a great skyline view. They also have an amazing rooftop pool.

It’s about $180-$200 a night. You pay about $10 a beer when out in Singapore, so Ben and I drinking two free beers each at the hotel was worth $40 of that rate- not bad.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeI partnered up with Singapore Air who I’d never flown with before and checked out their amenities on the flights and lounges. I think it’s the first flight I’ve flown where everyone in economy gets a warm towel, socks, and eye covers. Pretty cool. They also had nearly all the Oscar nominated movies I wanted to see and I watched Carol, Brooklyn, and the Danish Girl along with a fun comedy How to Be Single with Dakota Johnson. You could also choose Indian food (as it was a flight from India) or International food and it was much better than most airlines I fly. I would definitely fly Singapore Air again.

Also keep in mind that if you fly Singapore air for a connection through Changi (Singapore) airport onward, you get $40 gift voucher to use in the duty-free. If you stay in Singapore, you can get discounts at a variety of hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

Whirlwind Weekend in Singapore

I was a guest of Singapore Air, Quincy Hotel, and Raffles hotel so I could write about them. They are all spankin’ good and all opinions are my own! 



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    I’ve been to Singapore but at the time, I didn’t like it! However, perhaps, it’s time I try it again.
    ‘Lovely photos! :)

    • Rachel Jones June 24, 2016 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      I didn’t like it my fist visit! It took some warming up to.

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