• This is India! 143

This is India! 143

Welcome back to This is India! I always have funny/weird stories about India to share with friends or family when I talk to them. This is just meant to be an honest portrayal about my life in India through short anecdotes. I also share here what I’ve been up to online outside Werkenntwen.

What I was up to other than here:

  • I read I Am Pilgrim. It might be the best book I’ve read, ever. I LOVED this book: it was smart, had so much history and real life stuff in it, so many twists! Please read it this summer! Now I’m reading another one by Lane Mortiary who wrote Big Litte Lies, called the Husband’s Secret. 
  • Last week, I headed back to America for six weeks. I’ll be in Ohio, Miami, Orlando, the Keys, and Myrtle Beach while I’m in the USA. It’s a long ass trip feels so good to be back with my parents in Ohio and my bestie Arielle who came to visit for the weekend.
  • It was also my birthday on the 9th and I had the best rainy day in Goa with Ben.
  • I created a Facebook group where you guys can meet each other and interact. You can click here to join it. You can ask questions in there and meet other people traveling to India; maybe make a buddy to travel with!

Now your story,

No story really, but I guess you’re used to that lately, though, since I haven’t had a story the last 5 This Is India posts. I was in India just two weeks between Greece and leaving for the USA. Goa is pretty dead in the monsoon which I love. Heres a few shots so you can see what the vibe is like.

goa monsoon anjuna

goa monsoon anjuna

goa monsoon anjuna

goa monsoon anjuna

Of course, I was happy to see my animals but also sad we’d only be with them two weeks before I was off again to the USA. Actually, while we were gone, a new puppy showed up around the house who our petsitter was feeding. We haven’t named him and are NOT keeping him (I can’t have another pet). 

Someone pointed out that Kitkat looks like a llama in this  photo and once I re-examined it and saw that long-ass neck, he does look like a llama! Hilarious (to me, at least). My dogs are pretty cute, too! I mean, look at omni’s face in the next photo.

goa monsoon anjuna

goa monsoon anjuna

The best thing about the monsoon is how lush it gets here and when I have my morning coffee and look out the window it’s like getting a boost of happiness because it’s just so beautiful outside!

goa monsoon

Something was driving me crazy about the house, and I realized it was the futon upstairs because our dogs jump on it and make the cushion fall over every other second. So, I went and had a new cushion made. $30 at the tailor down the road. So worth it.

The next photo is from my yearly eye doctor appointment. I go to Franks in Mapusa and the Dr. there is great. The equipment at all the eye docs around here is pretty old school. I can order my yearly s for around $70 and it’s the same Acuvue Oasis ones. There aren’t many cute frames here though, so I get my glasses in the USA. If you have a perscription from abroad you can send it into Warby Parker and buy glasses online pretty cheap, so that’s what I do. There’s are really cute and they send you 5 to try on before you buy.

indian eye doctor

The next few photos are from a local restaurant. We were with some of our favorite Keralans chowing down a few days before I left! We had chicken biryani, cheese naan, rava fry kingfish, malai chicken kebab, and butter chicken. 

goan food

goan food


For my Birthday we pretty much chilled out and like most things in my life, it revolved around food. Unfortunately, I had a really bad cold so could hardly taste all the good food. Tragic. 

But we got everyone donuts to pass out since in India you should give sweets to friends on your birthday (not the other way around). Ben got me a GoPro dome so I can take half underwater photos and a new Kindle case. He also dropped me off to get a mani/pedi. I go to Snips for that and it’s $27 for an hour and a massage is included in that. Best deal ever! For dinner, we went to Habenero in Goa which is good Mexican for India. 

goa monsoon

goa monsoon

So, back to the USA I go and I’ll be back in India on August 3rd. 


About the Author:

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years. Now she lives in Mexico where she gives advice on the 40+ countries she’s visited in the last 10 years. She’s the author of two India travel e-books: Guide to India and Insider’s Guide to Goa. Her blog, Werkenntwen, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Werkenntwen has been featured in ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan magazines. She’s a writer for Bravo TV.


  1. Ryan Biddulph June 23, 2017 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    Hi Rachel,

    Shanti and Omni are so cute :) Love ’em. Love all the cows too. I recall seeing them everywhere in southern India. The cows walking down a busy city street in Pondicherry was especially amusing, considering the traffic jam these bovines caused. As for my story, week long house sit in Easy Harlem which has been fun. We had a nice run in Central Park today. All good.

    Thanks for sharing :)


    • Rachel Jones June 24, 2017 at 2:26 am - Reply

      If I didn’t have pets, I would 10000% be doing housesitting. what a perfect way to travel the world!

  2. thepetiteexplorer June 24, 2017 at 6:17 am - Reply

    I visited Goa 6 years ago but have been told it’s super touristy and resorty now. You’re photos don’t seem to be, so are there still less developed parts?

    • Rachel Jones June 24, 2017 at 5:23 pm - Reply

      there are soooo many areas of Goa that aren’t touristy at all and are totally serene. PLaces like Baga, Calangute and Candolim are very developed now and I only go there to eat at some good restaurants but otherwise avoid.

  3. Audrey W. June 29, 2017 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    “In India you give sweets to your friends on your birthday.”

    Oh… well this explains a lot. I guess my plans to lose some weight are going to be in vain then because I know and regularly hang out with over a dozen Indian immigrants XD

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