India’s Chilled Surf Town: Kovalam Beach Tips

When people who haven’t been to India picture it in their heads, I am almost positive they don’t picture a laid-back surf town. Maybe they’ve heard of Goa, famous for it’s beaches and parties, but Kovalam is a completely different kind of vibe. Instead of trance and acid, it’s slow, relaxed, and reggae fills the

The Best of Mykonos Greece: Mykonos for Backpackers

“Dear Lord get me out of Athens”  After the airline lost my bag, and we spent our days exploring the hot, empty streets, I was really wishing I had done some research on when NOT to visit Athens (FYI: July/August). Where were all the people? They were on vacation in the islands because Athens is

Love Hate Relationship With india

“For each terrible horrible encounter in India, an equally opposite encounter will follow.” I am certain that this should be a law of physics in India. This is what drives the cliché Indian/westerner debacle… the love hate relationship with India. Almost every traveller I have met that spent an extensive amount of time in India

10 Tips for Maya Bay

The famous beach where Leonardo DiCaprio played a backpacker in the movie, "The Beach", looks pretty stunning... if you get there early enough to beat the crowds. It's Koh Phi Phi Leh, and most likely you'll be coming from Koh Phi Phi Don (if you're not spending every day sleeping, recovering for Phi Phi's raging parties). Below,

7 Ways to Screw up Koh Phi Phi

Did you think Koh Phi Phi was overrated? It's a gorgeous island but if you don't get away from the main bars and beach, you might not see some of the best places and will leave with a bad taste in your mouth. Here are 7 ways to screw up Koh Phi Phi. Try not

14 Tips for Solo Female Journey in India

I can assure you there will be follow-ups to this list of travel to India for tips on solo female travel in India. I've lived here for years now, and I'm still learning more and more about how to fit in here in India as a blonde girl. I have a lot of male Indian friends

Breaking Stereotypes of American Journeyers

Before you read this and think that I burn flags in my spare time I want to express that I love America! Ok with that being said, there are a lot of negatives (and some positives) to being an American when I’m traveling. As a tourist, it’s your responsibility to break the negative stereotypes of

How to Get Back On your Backpacking Budget

While going through old photos to work on this little blog, I’ve come to realize I had slept in some very strange and small places. Some places were fun like castles, fancy hotels (occasional treat from my boyfriend), and cool French houses, but some were failures, like attics, floors, and McDonalds benches. One of the