9 Best Journey Books that will Induce Severe Wanderlust

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t read enough classics. I can’t seem to get around to reading travel staples like Out of Africa, 7 Years in Tibet and Journeys with Charley, yet when Brandi Glanville, my favorite Real Housewife, comes out with a new book it’s on my tablet in a week. Priorities

Tips to get Spiritual Just like the Beatles in Rishikesh

ALRIGHT, you all want to get all spiritual in India. I know this because you e-mail me about it. There are stories galore about the Beatles in Rishikesh, because along with some other serious celebrities, they helped bring Transcending Meditation (TM) to the West.  Some were actually only there a couple weeks and were scared

Solo Journey: Making Friends and that Typical Convo…

When we travel alone, there is obviously a hope to make new friends on our trip. A lot of backpackers and long-term travelers will ask “Ever notice after 10 minutes of meeting a new person you realize you never caught their name?”  There is a typical 3-minute backpacking conversation I have with everyone I meet

Wacky Wagah Border: India & Pakistan [video]

The Wagah Border is the only passing between Pakistan and India, two countries that sort of want to blow each other up. Everyone said go to the border, it's "interesting". They put on a show everyday and open the gates for two seconds. So we went to the Wagah Border Parade. We knew nothing, so

What the Dalai Lama Taught Me About Life in McLeod Ganj

While in McLeod Ganj, we heard the news of the visit of the Dalai Lama coming back to his “new” home. Knowing this would be one of the coolest experiences of my life, Chloe and I took a break from continuing our trip as planned and we stayed in town to learn from His Holiness.

The Secret Jet Lag Beauty Products Celebs Use to Look Fresh

I figured this post on jet lag was perfect for today while I start my 38-hour journey back to Goa. I am NOT looking forward to it! FYI, I won't be posting tomorrow because of the flight and I hate scheduling posts- it makes me feel like a robot. Anyways, back to beating jet lag...

Most Popular Journey to India Questions Answered

I’ve been answering a lot of questions from potential travelers to India. Some of the questions are things I never even think to post on this website. I’m going to address the basics of travel to India now with some reader e-mails I have received, so perhaps you’ve even been redirected here in a reply

My 11 Secrets: How to Save Hundreds on Journey

You’ve shown up at the destination you’ve been dreaming about for years… are feel let down. It’s too expensive. It’s too crowded. You can’t get a beach chair. You can't even see over everyone to get a photo of the famous sunset.  Santorini sunset The worst time I felt this was in Koh Phi Phi,