Best Boutiques in Istanbul

I can't go to a new city without checking out the shopping! Once I found out I was going to Istanbul, I searched the top things to do there and shopping was way up there. I started searching for the best boutiques in Istanbul and to be honest, was coming up short. I wrote down

HUGE GIVEAWAY! My Top Etsy Finds for Journeying Hippies

I want to share the cutest stuff I've found on Etsy because I have been a HUGE Etsy fan since it started year ago. I buy all my friends and family personalized gifts from here and buy myself amazing jewelry and clothes from all over the world, easily online. I am SO excited to do this giveaway

50 Unique Things to Do in Goa

I've got a handful of articles on my blog about Goa. I still get a handful of emails a day from people saying they've read them all but want to know if there is anything else I can recommend. I usually just reply whatever random thing I'm thinking of right then. So, I am going

Your Little Guide to Unawatuna: Surf, SUP, Snorkel!

This wasn't our first time to Unawatuna. We already knew it was a paradise beach in Sri Lanka. Last time we were there, I really didn't have time to explore much so I wanted to amend that this time and give you guys a little guide to Unawatuna. There are so many adventure activities in

My Little Guide to Istanbul

My 10 days in Istanbul was such a welcomed break from the dusty heat in Goa. It's not that I don't love the Indian beach life, but sometimes that fresh cold European air is very welcome! I need more time in Istanbul, but as most backpackers go for only 2-5 days to each city, I think

Carry-on Packing List | It’s Easier Than You Think

I LOVE going carry-on only when I travel and recently did so on my trip to Bangkok for a week. I wrote down everything I packed so I could share it here and give some carry-on packing tips and what to have on your carry-on packing list. Easy Carry-on Packing List Rolling 19 Inch Luggage, Carry-on Luggage

Essential Oils for Journey: How & Why to Use Them

I have been a fan of essential oils even before I moved to India, but since being here I have gotten a lot more interested in what they do, especially in terms of essential oils for travel & health. They have so many uses and I've teamed up with Wendy Selvig, an aromatherapist, to tell

The TRUTH About Journeying Alone in India

If you are a 18 year old girl going abroad for the first time and emailing me for advice on backpacking India solo, don't be surprised if I tell you to go to Europe first. I have traveled a lot before coming to India in Europe and Africa and was a little older (and wiser