10 Reasons You’ll Want to Book a Trip to India Now

It's no secret I love India. I came here as a traveler and now it's my home... but I still travel around this crazy country and love it. I share my experiences here, but with nearly 700 posts, you guys might not have seen some of the best of India that I've posted about. After reading this

Packing Tips: Best Journey Shoes

I have tried and tested a variety of travel shoes over the last few years and have some stand out favorites. Nowadays, I alternate out the same brand of shoes as they wear down and often never even pick another color. Here are the best travel shoes to take on your next big trip! My

If I Could Only Give You 10 Journey Tips, These Would Be It

I took my first big trip to Europe when I was 20. Now I’m 27 and have traveled to more places than I ever would have imagined (over 30 countries). I write about all the places I travel to and give tips along the way, but this article is going to share my top ten

Disney VIP Tour | Cost, Details & Disney Fast Pass

To date, the biggest perk of being a travel blogger was being invited by Visit Florida to explore Disney World for the day on the VIP tour. At first, when I saw we were going to 3 Disney parks in one day, I was dreading it but after learning about the Disney VIP tour, it was

You’ve Gotta Have These Items in Your Luggage this Summer

I have a few new things I'm really obsessed with and love sharing with you guys what I'm into. I did a similar post about my favorite beach things last year and wanted to do something similar this year. I have some upcoming trips that I didn't know about even a few months ago and

My 5 Favorite Things to do in Jordan From Adventure to Spa Time

Looking back at my trip in Jordan, I am in awe of how many cool things I got to do there! I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much as my favorite places are beaches, followed by cities, and then lastly, nature. Not that I don't like nature, but it's just not my top

5 Wonderful Things I Can’t Imagine Journeying Without

Packing has become a little bit of a ritual to me now. I don’t have to think that much, I pack nearly the same thing every time (switching out a new dress here and there). There are some things you shouldn't travel without, or at least I wouldn't, which I”ll share here. I’d also be curious

Use These 9 Websites for Planning Your Next Trip

There is so much information on the internet these days and so many helpful websites, but I guess the point of writing this blog is to help you narrow down the information and give it to you in a simplified format aka save you the hard work. These are the website I use and I hope