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How Do I Afford to Journey? Learn Thai Yoga Massage in India

“How do you make money to live your life? To travel?” When I left nursing to move to India after meeting Ben, I wasn’t sure what direction my career would head. I didn’t like nursing, but needed a job, and knew I wouldn’t want to work in healthcare in Goa. I have this website more

So, You Want to Journey to Find Yourself?

If you want to travel to find yourself, you have to most importantly: BE YOURSELF Are you shocked to know I have had people gasp at me when I say I ate Burger King in Thailand, or TGIF in Bombay? Probably not. They are baffled I get a SIM card in new countries with 3G

Survive Dengue Fever Symptoms Like A Boss

It was the worst I’d ever felt, and it wasn’t going away. Every day I was getting some new symptom, but I questioned, was just the stress of traveling solo in India? It wasn’t stress. It was Dengue Fever. It took me two weeks to know I had it, and by then I was almost

9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Keeping a Journey Journal

People who know me in real life know when I write a post on Werkenntwen about Europe it was years ago that I went. Because of that I try not to write about things that could change, and I kept it mostly to favorite beaches/what to do in a city. Thankfully, I’m all

Does Choosing To Journey Mean Wasting Your College Degree?

I love getting emails from people who want to quit their jobs and travel the world. They always ask me how to do it. But, sadly, there is no trick; you actually just have to quit and go for it. In the back of most people’s minds is what about money? What if I need

My Accidental Boyfriend

I wrote this post a while ago but it never seemed like the right time to post it. I suppose no time is better than Valentine's day. Single people: what could your mind accomplish if you didn’t think about boys (or girls) most of the time? Maybe you think you don’t think about them that

Journey Playlist: What’s On My iPod

Absolutely nothing can cure homesickness like the sound of familiar music, for me, that is my travel playlist. Ok, food comes in a close second. Being an expat in Goa, I am surrounded by trance and techno, which is okay sometimes, but other times I need to blare country music to remember how much I love

Backpacking India Alone

Last year, I chose to travel to India as a place to backpack for three months based only on the fact I wanted to see tigers and elephants. The more I read online and in Lonely Planet about all the things to see while backpacking India, the more I added to my list of things