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Werkenntwen Blog Got a Makeover & Turns 3!

I have been DYING to share this with you guys! My website got a makeover, which after 3 years was pretty needed. Back in October 2013 Ben made my site for me with me annoying him along the way to make it how I wanted it. It was perfect then. Now, things are changing. Journey

Journey Updates + USA Adventures

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Worthy.  I feel like I'm often playing catch up on the blog and writing about places I've been a month before, but I really wanted to post about my time in the USA right away and share a little about my upcoming travels. This is the

If I Could Only Give You 10 Journey Tips, These Would Be It

I took my first big trip to Europe when I was 20. Now I’m 27 and have traveled to more places than I ever would have imagined (over 30 countries). I write about all the places I travel to and give tips along the way, but this article is going to share my top ten

My New and Exciting travel plans for the rest of 2016

Wow I can’t believe it’s already June! And tomorrow is my birthday! This year is going by so quickly. I would say that one thing I don’t like about travel is how fast time goes (time flies when you’re havin’ fun!). I actually enjoy being a homebody sometimes and always try to make sure I

10 pieces of travel advice I give… that I struggle to follow myself

I've said this a few times on here... "Do as I say, not as I do." As a travel blogger, sometimes I feel pressure to make sure I'm saying the right things, giving the best advice, and not leading someone astray. I wrote a little about that in my post The Truth About Journeying India Alone after

What it was like moving to Goa knowing no one

So, I actually wrote this post nearly 3 years ago and never posted it. I just found it while sorting through my draft folder. I edited it so it made sense for now, but it was interesting to see what I was thinking back then. Girls email more often than you would think because they are

My 2016 Journey Plans (well… sort of!)

This post is in partnership with TripAdvisor and their #BookToWin campaign. My travel plans never end up going exactly how I think they will. I had no idea I would spend the end of 2015 hanging out with the Apatani tribe of Ziro Valley, or that I would have headed off to Langkawi with Ben

The TRUTH About Journeying Alone in India

If you are a 18 year old girl going abroad for the first time and emailing me for advice on backpacking India solo, don't be surprised if I tell you to go to Europe first. I have traveled a lot before coming to India in Europe and Africa and was a little older (and wiser