11 Ways To Stay Healthy While Journeying Without Sacrificing Experience

So oreos, ritz, and fruit shakes have become a staple of your daily diet. A local beer is cheaper than water, and those workout clothes seem to have sunk deep into the bottom of your backpack. Long-term travel inevitably changes our bodies. It throws our natural rhythm in and out of balance; and unlike our

9 New Beachy Things I’m Obsessed With Lately!

Everyone knows what you need to take to the beach, but every year more new things come out and I end up replacing everything with newer trendier versions. Of course, you need your towel, books, bag, phone, kindle, and earbuds. So, here are some of the new beachy things I'm obsessed with this summer! 9 New

Absolute Bliss at 3 Top Spas in Maui

I am just addicted to massage. I mean, I give Thai massages, but usually after I give one I tell people OMG I need one myself now. In India they aren't that expensive so you could get one for $10 bucks & weekly if you felt like it. In Maui they are a little more

Ask Me Anything: How do you avoid Delhi Belly?

I sometimes share e-mails under the tag "ask me anything". I get a lot of very similar e-mails which means there are a lot of people out there thinking the same questions. Why not address them to everyone? You can search more like these by clicking that link above. How do you avoid Delhi Belly? You don't!

10 Tips for NOT Gaining Weight While Journeying

When you’re traveling, it’s almost inevitable that things will go wrong. Delayed flights, lost luggage, missed reservations, the list can go on and on.  And unfortunately, a lot of it is completely out of your control.  However, as the saying goes "there is one thing that is in your control and that is how you feel."

Pinrose | Luxury Perfume for Journey

Before I moved to India, I was so obsessed with perfumes and makeup that I become a "VIB" member at Sephora. That means very important beauty and you have to spent 1,000 usd to get in- which is insane. So, yeah I loved it! I usually went with sample packs they would do once a

Weekend of Bliss at the Alila Diwa Goa

When it comes to the 5 star hotel “experience” Alila Diwa Goa knocks it out of the park. This is my favorite luxury hotel in South Goa. My biggest question over the last weekend I spent there was "where should I have my next drink?" Don't forget to pick up my Insider Guide to Goa and my

A Review of Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center (IVAC) in Mysore

I think I’m finally believing in Ayurveda! Ok maybe the massage part more so than the medical part, but had I more time at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) it might have just converted the U.S. trained nurse in me over. I have always thought Ayurveda massages were too oily and didn’t work my muscles