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Glamping in Hocking Hills Part 2: Crafts & Spa

Hocking Hills is so full of things to do, so it was really hard to pick our next activity. Horseback riding and eating enough bologna for 4 people had made me pretty tired! If you haven't, check out Glamping in Hocking Hills Part 1 to read about Happy Trails & also the amazing luxury digs

My Little Guide to Maui | Beaches, Food, Lodging & MORE

Maui is a stunning island in Hawaii! I spent a few weeks in Hawaii and wrote a number of articles about my time, but wanted it to be kind of all together in one article. There are links throughout this guide to Maui so you can read more. Which Area to Stay in Maui: I'll start

Mom daughter day in Dublin, Ohio

I miss a lot back home living in India and this year I missed my mom's birthday and mothers day... actually I think I've missed them (in person) for a few years, so I wanted to plan something for us to do when I was home. We went shopping at Easton, to the Spa at

Where to Stay in Maui: A Guide to the Best Areas

I spent three awesome weeks hopping around Maui, and we managed to cover all the main areas of the island! It's a pretty small island, so it's not hard to do. Rather than just tell you the hotels we stayed at, I want you get an idea of where to stay in Maui in terms

9 New Beachy Things I’m Obsessed With Lately!

Everyone knows what you need to take to the beach, but every year more new things come out and I end up replacing everything with newer trendier versions. Of course, you need your towel, books, bag, phone, kindle, and earbuds. So, here are some of the new beachy things I'm obsessed with this summer! 9 New

Paia Inn: a Hippie Chic Must in Maui

Paia is this cute town 15 minutes from the airport. It's on the North coast of the island, and as Hawiian's will tell you, the North coast is always the chilled hippie coast of an island, like North Shore in Oahu. This is the "start" to the road to Hana and some tourists just pop

Absolute Bliss at 3 Top Spas in Maui

I am just addicted to massage. I mean, I give Thai massages, but usually after I give one I tell people OMG I need one myself now. In India they aren't that expensive so you could get one for $10 bucks & weekly if you felt like it. In Maui they are a little more

Staying in Ka’anapali, Maui at the Sheraton

I was meant to stay at the Sheraton in Maui for only two days, but the night before check-out when I was meant to leave and explore a new hotel to tell you about... I searched and searched for best value for money hotels in Maui, and quickly realized that I was already there. The