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Best Restaurants in North Goa 2015

It seems every season in Goa restaurants close and new ones open that become the talk of the town. My favorites are still here thank God, but there are ones which I hadn’t yet discovered, and actual new ones that I’m loving! So I'll share some old and some new best restaurants in North Goa to

Natti’s Naturals | Goa’s New Healthy Fix!

Natti's Naturals is a new organic cafe and retail shop in Arpora, Goa. After one rainy Saturday eating her potato and leak soup along with a toastie and some hot tea, I knew I'd be coming back for more! When she mentioned she was planning to start an English fry up (free-range sausage and bacon, fried

ISLA Candles | My New Business in Goa!

So enough teasing about this new hobby I have... I started a candle business! Well, I don't know how much of a business it is yet as I am just now getting them in shops. I leave for Karnataka in just a couple weeks and have another secret little project this week, so knew I

6 Trendy Boho Boutiques and Shops in Panjim Goa

Panaji (Panjim) is such a cute old town. If you’ve never been to Europe, you’ll absolutely love shopping in the old alleys. We always say if you took all the people out of the town and just looked at it, you might actually think you were in Portugal or Spain. Even if you’ve been to

Olaulim Backyards / The Other Side of Goa

Showing up at Olaulim Backyards, the other side of Goa, was like walking into the set of Life of Pi, complete with a cat called richard parker. The zoo animals were two litle goats that know how to kayak, a donkey with a distinct interest in playing monopoly, cats, and dogs. My favorite dogs were

Celebrating Sao Joao in Goa by Jumping in Wells

Every year in monsoon on June 24th, Christians celebrate Sao Joao in Goa in dedication to John the Baptist. There are lots of Christians in Goa because of the Portuguese influence so you see beautiful churches like in Old Goa. Because there is such a big bunch of believers here, they have a festival in

Which Goa Restaurants and Clubs are Open in Monsoon?

One of my favorite things about being an expat in Goa are all the food options here. I have made many lists, including my favorite restaurants in Goa but sadly most of these are all closed. I've already explained a lot about what it's like in Goa in monsoon, so please do check out that post first. Don't forget

Old Goa Places to Visit (or to skip)

When it comes to Goa there are very few "tourist" attractions, but one is called Old Goa. If you're going to be here for a short time I don't recommend seeing Old Goa and actually have only gone once, which was after a year of living here when Colleen who blogs at Colleen Brynn Journeys visited