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How to Get Back On your Backpacking Budget

While going through old photos to work on this little blog, I’ve come to realize I had slept in some very strange and small places. Some places were fun like castles, fancy hotels (occasional treat from my boyfriend), and cool French houses, but some were failures, like attics, floors, and McDonalds benches. One of the

Boutique Gems of Ashwem beach

Ashwem Beach is a very hip little spot in North Goa. Near Mandrem and Arambol, it’s known for being less spoiled than others, as well as being populated with turtles and dolphins (although I've never seen any in four years so, hmmm). It's one of my favorite beaches to go to for lunch, sun-bathing, and

THE Anjuna Flea Market, a Hippie’s Paradise

The Anjuna Flea market on Wednesday is the queen of hippie flea markets. Rumor says it was started by the father hippie himself "eight finger Eddie" in 1975. Some will say it traced back further. Once the hippies had followed the ever famous trail through Eastern Europe and ending in Anjuna, they burned their passports

Curse of the Pink Palace in Corfu

After 24 hours of travel and sleeping on lawn chairs, we got off the ferry in Corfu. The van from our chosen hostel, the Pink Palace, awaited us. “Have a shot of ouzo! You must!” said the way-too-cheerful-for-6AM Greek man. Drinking was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but Greeks have a way of

Getting my Western Fix in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is a very modern Indian city. It’s my favorite of the ones I’ve been to. I found it less chaotic and less crowded. The “green city” really is stunning, although our taxi driver told us they are cutting down a lot of the trees to build a metro. If you want to chill out

8 Reasons to Try London Again

I was lucky enough to go back to England, and I am so excited to tell you about it. I wasn’t going to mess up this re-do, it was a second chance in London. I had already seen “what you’re supposed to see” years ago. London was the first city I went to in Europe.

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Toaster Oven in India

I didn’t think Thanksgiving food in India was going to be possible in Goa. We don’t get Campbell’s Soup. How can I make green bean casserole? Not a chance I’d ever find Stove Top stuffing. No one sells turkeys unless you order ahead of time (we’ve already ordered one for Christmas). But the biggest obstacle