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India’s Chilled Surf Town: Kovalam Beach Tips

When people who haven’t been to India picture it in their heads, I am almost positive they don’t picture a laid-back surf town. Maybe they’ve heard of Goa, famous for it’s beaches and parties, but Kovalam is a completely different kind of vibe. Instead of trance and acid, it’s slow, relaxed, and reggae fills the

My Accidental Boyfriend

I wrote this post a while ago but it never seemed like the right time to post it. I suppose no time is better than Valentine's day. Single people: what could your mind accomplish if you didn’t think about boys (or girls) most of the time? Maybe you think you don’t think about them that

… But Seriously, Where is the “Fort” in Fort Kochi?

The best parts of Kerala are the beach and jungle, but I always end up finding myself immersed in the city life of India. I am so NOT a city person unless I’m with friends/guides, which is maybe why I didn't love my introduction to Kerala in Kochi. I thought I'd be your friend today and

Backwaters & Back-alleys of Kochi, Kerala

I've spent the last week in Kerala, and got a nice dose of trying to work online with very dodgy Wi-Fi. I do guest posts and writing outside of this blog, so I've decided I will start sharing links to those pieces. I recently was voted 3rd place for top expat blogs in India. I

The Best of Mykonos Greece: Mykonos for Backpackers

“Dear Lord get me out of Athens”  After the airline lost my bag, and we spent our days exploring the hot, empty streets, I was really wishing I had done some research on when NOT to visit Athens (FYI: July/August). Where were all the people? They were on vacation in the islands because Athens is

7 Ways to Screw up Koh Phi Phi

Did you think Koh Phi Phi was overrated? It's a gorgeous island but if you don't get away from the main bars and beach, you might not see some of the best places and will leave with a bad taste in your mouth. Here are 7 ways to screw up Koh Phi Phi. Try not

What I Love About Santorini Greece: Scuba and the Gods

Don't stop reading this because you think Santorini, Greece is a crappy place tourists go!!! I'm going to tell you what I love about Santorini Greece... and you'll love it too, promise. It is a stunning, magical place that made me beyond happy. Like all Greek islands, there are tourists for good reason! The food,

14 Tips for Solo Female Journey in India

I can assure you there will be follow-ups to this list of travel to India for tips on solo female travel in India. I've lived here for years now, and I'm still learning more and more about how to fit in here in India as a blonde girl. I have a lot of male Indian friends