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Tibetan Children’s Village in McLeod Ganj

You just cannot go to McLeod Ganj without taking a day to tour, volunteer, and play with some of the Tibetan orphans at the Tibetan Children’s Village. Just a little background: When China invaded Tibet they attempted to crush their culture. You’ve probably seen “Free Tibet” at some point in time, and it’s because most

The Secret Jet Lag Beauty Products Celebs Use to Look Fresh

I figured this post on jet lag was perfect for today while I start my 38-hour journey back to Goa. I am NOT looking forward to it! FYI, I won't be posting tomorrow because of the flight and I hate scheduling posts- it makes me feel like a robot. Anyways, back to beating jet lag...

Most Popular Journey to India Questions Answered

I’ve been answering a lot of questions from potential travelers to India. Some of the questions are things I never even think to post on this website. I’m going to address the basics of travel to India now with some reader e-mails I have received, so perhaps you’ve even been redirected here in a reply

My 11 Secrets: How to Save Hundreds on Journey

You’ve shown up at the destination you’ve been dreaming about for years… are feel let down. It’s too expensive. It’s too crowded. You can’t get a beach chair. You can't even see over everyone to get a photo of the famous sunset.  Santorini sunset The worst time I felt this was in Koh Phi Phi,

The Expert Shares: 7 Differences Between Eastern and Western Yoga

Before India, I took hot yoga in the US and loved it as a hard-core workout. I was pretty sure all I lost was water-weight, but I liked the feeling of sweating that much. In India, I was SHOCKED to find out what the “birthplace of Yoga” considered “real” yoga. Hint: it’s probably not how

The Adrenaline Junkie’s 12 Options for Adventure in Manali

With are so many ways to find adventure in Manali; the options can be overwhelming! First of all see my complete guide on what to do, when to go, where to sleep, and what to eat and buy. If you're coming for fresh air, don't let walking around the markets be all the air you

Complete Guide to the Himalaya’s Hippie Town, Manali

After such a rough ride through Sarahan and back across to Kullu (for no reason) we were happy to have a nice nights sleep in Kullu and jump back on the road on a local bus up to Manali- the “Goa” for hippies of the north of India. I have explained before about the hippie

How to Dress in India: the Ultimate Dos and Donts

When I left for India, long before I knew about travel blogging, I had to ask “Does anyone know someone who backpacked India?" around a lot. I had so many questions! I didn't know how to dress in India at all. Whether it was doing yoga, going hiking, walking around markets, I wanted to know