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FAQ: Should I Come to Goa in Monsoon?

I love rain. I grew up in Ohio where springtime meant rain for a month or more straight. A lot of people told me, “The Goa in monsoon season will be ten times more than what you’ve ever experienced," but I have to say, it isn’t that bad. I hear it's unbearable in Calcutta during the second

6 Reasons You’ll Love Jaisalmer

“I find Jaisalmer too touristy… you can’t really enjoy it”  Blah, blah. Not true! I loved Jaisalmer with a passion. I'm going to tell you 6 reasons why you'll LOVE Jaisalmer, some Jaisalmer travel tips! I didn’t only love this desert town for the famous camel safari. It’s also got a still inhabited fort with

American Moving to India Packing List Part 1: Beauty & Hair

When you make the decision to move permanently to India you’ll have a lot to do but the most time consuming is trying to think of American (and other Western) items that you won’t be able to get once you live in India... and will sorely miss. I wish before I left I could have

15 Documents To Take While Journeying (Especially to India)

No matter how laid-back and fly by the seat of your pants you are, there are some important documents to take while traveling. It's better to just put them in a pocket of your backpack and have them ready than have to chase down a copy machine or printer at an internet cafe. Some of these

An American Nurse in a Ugandan Hospital

Although I didn't go to Uganda for the purpose of hospital volunteering, while I was there, I spent a few days a week volunteering at the local hospital Holy Cross Orthodox, in a nearby village, Namugoona. Early in the morning, I’d ride a bota bota there, sidesaddle, for about a dollar. It was a unique

Does Choosing To Journey Mean Wasting Your College Degree?

I love getting emails from people who want to quit their jobs and travel the world. They always ask me how to do it. But, sadly, there is no trick; you actually just have to quit and go for it. In the back of most people’s minds is what about money? What if I need

Breaking Stereotypes of American Journeyers

Before you read this and think that I burn flags in my spare time I want to express that I love America! Ok with that being said, there are a lot of negatives (and some positives) to being an American when I’m traveling. As a tourist, it’s your responsibility to break the negative stereotypes of

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