• Reasons to Visit Jodhpur

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit India’s Blue City of Jodhpur

One of the most interesting cities to visit in India, is Jodhpur – India’s blue city – and I am going to share 20 photos to inspire you and give you reasons to visit Jodhpur. I have been here twice, once as a backpacker than again 5 years later (now) as a more mid-range travelers so I’ve seen a lot of different vibes in Jodhpur and I’m so happy to share about them.

While this blog post is just some photos to get you pumped up to come here, I do have a lot of information about Jodhpur and you can check out my recent blog post, a full guide to Jodhpur which includes my room there – a 500-year-old adorable suite with a fort view for just $53 per night!

For these photos, I’ll put a little caption on some but definitely read up on that guide to know the inside scoop on this city. I’ll at least tell you now why the city is blue, though! No one knows, ha ha. Some say it’s to prevent mosquitos, some say it keeps it cooler, and others say that it was a caste thing done by the Brahmins.

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Reasons to Visit Jodhpur – Photos to Inspire You to See India’s Blue City

guide to jodhpur india

guide to jodhpur india

on a tour of the Bishnoi village seeing how they make their epic rugs

Guide to Jodhpur blue house guesthousemy beautiful room at the Blue House Guesthouse – book here

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpurMehrangarh Fort

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpurthis sleeping dog is my favorite pic from the trip

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

this is traditional … and it’s opium, more on that in another post!

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

Guide to Jodhpur shopping in jodhpurThis is the new cafe at Good Earth which isn’t quite open yet

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpur

Guide to Jodhpur stepwellI love the stepwell – just search ‘stepwell cafe’ on Googe Maps

20 photos to inspire you to visit jodhpureven the ground is colorful

guide to jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort

The first time I visited Jodhpur, I was a very broke backpacker so I was so glad to come back all this time later with some money to spend. Rather than a $10 room (the cheapest there), I splurged for a beautiful suite which was still only $53. It’s small differences you can make on everything from eating to lodging that can change your trip drastically. I hope you have the best time in Jodhpur and love India’s blue city!

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Reasons to Visit Jodhpur


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  1. Molly January 26, 2018 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    Definitely makes me want to visit! These pictures are beautiful. Reminds me of chef a little!

  2. thebritishberliner February 4, 2018 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    I love all the images Rachel.

    I’ve been to Jodhpur before, of course, but I’m very much looking forward to introducing my family to India’s lovely blue city!

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