24 Awesome Things to Do in Zanzibar & Zanzibar Itinerary Tips

Below is a guest post from Rita who has spent loads of time in Zanzibar, a beautiful region of Tanzania. I asked her to share with you guys the top things to do in Zanzibar as well as tips for getting around, her favorite hotels, and more! Why You Should Journey to Zanzibar Few places

Using Bumble BFF App to Meet New Friends While Journeying

Maybe you've heard of Bumble. It is a dating app that came out a year ago, where girls made the first move. It was a huge success with over 1,500,000 users signed up in the first six months. They started to notice a trend, though; girls were using the app to meet new friends while

17 Top Destinations For Couples in 2017

Whether you're more of a mountain or beach person, looking to relax or enjoy an adventure... Whether you're more into traveling to places for the food or the people, a well-known place or somewhere off the beaten track, we've got something to suit your taste! Of course, you could visit any of these places by

What Is Agoda’s New ‘Points Max’?

Agoda asked me to check out their new Points Max system and give it a review. I don't know much about points systems or frequent flier miles although I try and try to stay up to date on these things. Agoda Points Max Review & Introduction I've always used Agoda to book hotels and you've probably

World Nomads Journey Insurance Review: What’s Covered and What’s Not

If you're gearing up for a trip abroad, travel insurance should be on your radar. When I travel outside India, I use World Nomads and have for over 5 years. Here's my full World Nomads travel insurance review, so you can decide if it's the right company to go with. I found it originally because

Indian Visa Application | How To Get India 60 Day E-Tourist Visa The Easy Way

If you're wondering how to get an Indian visa from the USA or many other countries, I'm here to help! The Indian Visa application process is always changing and can seem complicated. It's also complicated because there are many sites which look "official" offering the Indian visas. In this post, I share how to get

Group Tour Itineraries to Consider For Your Trip To India

While I have many posts explaining how to travel India alone, I also share that it's not for everyone and can be really difficult. After years of writing about India, I am finally putting together this post to help you find group tour itineraries to consider for your trip to India. Group Tour Itineraries For

Shipping India Souvenirs Home | Shopping in India

While you're traveling in India you might want to think about shipping India souvenirs home as you go along. One of the best things about traveling in India (other than culture, temples, and food) is shopping in India! They have some the best and most affordable markets in the world. Unfortunately, it is hard to