Step by Step: How to Apply for Indian Tourist Visa from USA

This post is an incredibly detailed guide, step by step, for how to apply for an Indian visa from USA for US citizens. I have applied myself and taken notes and screenshots of every step of the way. You don't find a more detailed guide than this online. If you are from the UK, check

“I Want to Quit Nursing to Journey” Tips for My Fellow Nurses

This post is for all my nursing readers. I know some of you are struggling with your jobs, or nursing school because you e-mail me about it, usually saying, "I want to quit nursing!" "I want to drop out of nursing school!" "How did you do it?" "Was your family mad?" I understand your feelings because

Journey Inspiration: Momondo Trip Finder Review

It's a bit dreary in Goa right now with the monsoon rains in full swing. Ben and I want to visit his dad in Vienna but flights are bit high at the moment and inspiration to go anywhere else is lacking a bit. So, it was really perfect timing when Momondo asked me to take

Most Popular Journey to India Questions Answered

I’ve been answering a lot of questions from potential travelers to India. Some of the questions are things I never even think to post on this website. I’m going to address the basics of travel to India now with some reader e-mails I have received, so perhaps you’ve even been redirected here in a reply

My 11 Secrets: How to Save Hundreds on Journey

You’ve shown up at the destination you’ve been dreaming about for years… are feel let down. It’s too expensive. It’s too crowded. You can’t get a beach chair. You can't even see over everyone to get a photo of the famous sunset.  Santorini sunset The worst time I felt this was in Koh Phi Phi,

My Guide: the BEST Itinerary for India

I get e-mails from readers who are planning to backpack India and they want the details: who to fly with, how to get their visa, should they use a travel agent, & an itinerary for India (where should they go and in what order). I’ve noticed that since I posted the only packing list you

When to Journey to India: Everything You Need to Know

Before a trip I do read a lot about the destination I’m going.  I don’t plan out an itinerary per se, as I always change my mind along the way. But, I am a planner at heart so I do put together a little list for myself and to keep my parent’s nerves at rest.

Get Free Flights By “Journey Hacking” & a Giveaway!

Journey hacking is a term that is all over the Internet right now, and I was feeling a little left out having never even joined a frequent fliers program. With the amount of flights I’ve taken, I shudder to imagine how many miles I would have racked up but instead left wasting. So, when I