Where to Stay in Maui: A Guide to the Best Areas

I spent three awesome weeks hopping around Maui, and we managed to cover all the main areas of the island! It's a pretty small island, so it's not hard to do. Rather than just tell you the hotels we stayed at, I want you get an idea of where to stay in Maui in terms

How to Rent a House in Goa | Tips & Prices

Looking for a house in Goa online is almost pointless because you can’t really guarantee the people will let you have the house when you arrive (because they might rent to someone already there willing to pay higher) and I don’t recommend sending money to someone to hold your place. Don't forget to pick up

Complete Guide to Journeying in Karnataka & 9 Hotspots

I am BLOWN away by Karnataka. For some reason, tourists just don't spend much time traveling in Karnataka. Backpackers pop over to Hampi (the mysterious boulders) or maybe a trip to Jog Falls and that's about it. Even Indian nationals were saying, "holy cow is that REALLY in India!?" on comments of my Karnataka photos. Karnataka is

Easiest Way to Plan Your Next Trip | CreateTrips

There's so much information online between the good: great blogs and websites, to the bad: Pinterest images that go to the wrong link, and viral articles missing vital information. Sometimes it seems exhausting and time-consuming to plan a trip. A lot of people buy a guide-book to condense down to the absolute necessary information, but

14 Ways to Earn Abroad | How to Make Money While You Journey

You can make money while you travel and actually earn money. I recommend starting out with a bit of savings & making sure to stick to your budget, while also seeking out free options for travel, then you can start to travel and make money at the same time. Read more on these first: 9

One Month Backpacking Iran | Top 10 Experiences

Was backpacking Iran crazy? On our one way ticket to the Far East we never planned on stopping in Iran, a country we knew little about. However, we had heard some amazing stories from backpackers who had visited Iran. So we decided to go for it! And boy are we happy that we did. We

Moving Abroad | Luggage You Need as an Expat

It seems India is a poppin' place to move to right now! I've been getting emails left and right from people who want to move here and they have questions on what to pack. Being an expat in India is amazing, but even "good" stores here don't carry as high in quality items as stores

20 Best Journey Apps I Can’t Live Without

I am a minimalist when it comes to technology. You know how they say if something goes unworn in your closet for over 6 months, get rid of it? I haven't gotten far enough to master that with clothes, but I am that way with my apps. I only keep apps that I actually use