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Glamping in Goa: Luxurious Private Tents from Amarya

When I want to get away from Anjuna, it sometimes seems like the only options in North Goa are huge hotels or a simple beach hut (which I love, don’t get me wrong). It was Ben and I’s anniversary, so I wanted to find one of those unique North Goa luxury resorts. I had read

Private Secret Beach Resort in Goa

We found a secret spot in Goa. India’s pretty darn populated, so that’s saying something. Described online as a freshwater lagoon sitting just meters from the ocean, scattered with palm trees, and small tents to sleep in, your very own private secret beach resort in Goa. I guess it isn’t that secret since I found it

Diwali in Goa – Burn the Monsters!

Diwali, New Year, is every Indians favorite Holiday, but in Goa it's even more special because the night before the main day is when they celebrate Lord Krishna vanquishing the evil demon king Narkasur. Diwali in Goa is an exciting time!  Ben and I are so lucky to be good friends with locals here and

Don’t Miss These 10 Top Places to Visit in Jodhpur

As we promised in our Future of Werkenntwen post, we would like to share some of Rachel's unpublished content. These are posts she had finished and pending for future use, and we'd like to slowly share them with you now. This one on the top places to visit in Jodhpur is the last

Where to Stay in Mexico City: Trendy Areas Near Top Attractions

There are so many apartments for rent in Mexico City that are boho-chic or modern or have an old fashioned feel. The options are limitless for where to stay in Mexico City. It can feel overwhelming at first when you start to look. You have to really think about the area you want to stay

Overnight Packing List for the Fashionable Journeyer Who Usually Packs Too Much

Do you tend to overpack? Does your week-long trip luggage look pretty similar to your weekend getaway luggage? When you are going away for just a night, it can be embarrassing to feel like you're packing so much stuff especially if you're going with people or something you don't know that well. This overnight packing list

50 Unmissable Things to do in Merida, Mexico (2019)

I love my city! I've been living in Merida Mexico for about a year now, and since I'm a blogger I have put in even more effort to get to know this city inside and out. I love to share on my blog about places I know well and Merida Mexico is one of them!

6 Best Yoga Retreats in Mexico That You Can Book Online

I love living in beautiful Mexico, and like India (where I was for years before moving here), it has the same hippie yoga vibe with tons of retreats here for healthy eating, yoga, to help change your lifestyle, and enjoy Mexico and being in paradise at the same time. I haven't been in Mexico long