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5 Updated or New Restaurants in North Goa

It always seems I go to the same handful of restaurants over and over because they are convenient and comfortable. But I keep meeting new people who tell me: "this place got a new chef, you have to try it again", "this place is now the "cool" place to hang" and "this place is owned

Tropical Spice Plantation Goa (Ponda)

If you've been to Goa, you've most likely heard of this place. It's on signs everywhere to "bathe" elephants and ride them. Although, the elephants aren't exactly what you might hope (and there are better places that are sanctuaries where it's humane to bathe them in the river instead), the spice plantation attached is actually

Weekend of Bliss at the Alila Diwa Goa

When it comes to the 5 star hotel “experience” Alila Diwa Goa knocks it out of the park. This is my favorite luxury hotel in South Goa. My biggest question over the last weekend I spent there was "where should I have my next drink?" Don't forget to pick up my Insider Guide to Goa and my

Do Something Different in Goa | See “Playground”

For those of us that live in Goa and do the same things again and again, it's nice to change it up even if only for an hour. I was invited to see Playground and jumped on the chance as I'd just been complaining to Ben that I was bored of the same old thing.

“What do you do all day?” (Expat in Goa)

I get asked from friends back home "so... what do you actually DO all day?" and I can see why since neither Ben or I have a 9-5 job. We have a lot of freedom to work when we want and options to travel or just decide to do nothing for the day (although we shouldn't). There

On The Go | Takeaway & Healthy Food in Goa

I was having a busy day rushing to a friends in Ashwem when I saw the new shop On The Go just at the Ashwem-Morjim Junction. Goa is known for a laid back vibe, which usually means slow service. Lunch takes two hours so I tend to eat something quick at home instead. So, I

3 FAQ About Goa, Answered: Nightlife, Beaches, Cheap Lodging

Although my website has pretty much everything I know about Goa, I get many emails a day asking me to tell them MORE. Don’t I have some secrets or something I forgot to mention that I can share? So, here are 3 most asked questions about Goa, answered. For more tips on Goa check out my

Jamboree Creek Yoga, Goa with Private Bridge to Beach

I cannot even stress enough how much I love Jamboree Creek Yoga (in Ashwem, Goa). It's just near Mandrem and Morjim area so you're close to all the cool bars, clubs, and great restaurants like Prana Cafe, La Plage, Delicieux, and Burger Factory. This hotel is in a quiet area, is eco-friendly, and ... wait