My Picks for the Most Stylish Luggage for Journey

Over the years I've bought and been sent a lot of different stylish luggage for travel. After all, it's easy to find a sturdy suitcase to survive plane rides, but it's a little harder to find one that looks cute too. While I've written different review posts, I've never really made one post outlining my best

The Best Journey Sandals: A Chacos Buying Guide

While I've already written a post about my favorite travel shoes, I get a lot of questions about Chacos specifically. I truly think they're the absolute best travel sandals in terms of durability and comfort. There are a lot of variations and options, so I thought I'd break them down in a little Chacos buying

Perfect Journey Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

Although I spend most of my time in warmer climates, there are the occasional trips I take to cooler ones! This autumn I'm visiting both London and Dublin, which are both much cooler in September and October than Goa. Here's my perfect little travel capsule wardrobe for fall to help you pack for your later

What to Pack for Tulum & Other Trendy Coastal Towns in Mexico

Are you taking your next beach getaway to one of Mexico’s beautiful seaside destinations? You’re in for a treat! You may have heard of Cancun but there are many more beaches to explore and these have recently become ultra-chic hotspots. From Tulum on the East to Sayulita on the West, here are some chic beach

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Review: My New “Personal Item”

After my last luggage review, which was for the Mother Lode by Ebags, I got so many comments and messages from people who wanted to buy it. There is a matching backpack so for the sake of "research" I'm testing this baby out for you: the eBags professional slim laptop backpack. Review of the eBags Professional Slim

Review of the eBags Mother Lode 25″ Wheeled Duffel

I haven’t been this stoked about a luggage review in a long time. This piece will definitely be coming with me to India and be traveling with me (and I’m sure Ben is going to try to steal it). There are a variety of reasons that this luggage is different from other’s I’ve reviewed and

17 Journey Packing Hacks to Change the Way You Pack

I am very type-A when it comes to packing. I must have things SO organized and always want to have lots of room to shop, so I never over pack. I have gotten pretty good at packing and wanted to share my travel packing hacks with you! Other Packing + Flying Guides: 10 Packing Items

Raden Luggage Review (Luggage with GPS & Chargers)

Meet the fancy luggage that has a 6,000 person waiting list! Why? Not just because it's really pretty. Raden has a GPS and two charging ports on it, making it the most advanced luggage that has been invented so far. I've reviewed a handful of luggage pieces on this blog, but this is definitely the