Guide to LA from a local party girl

Today my bestie for the last 7 years, Alex, is going to tell us everything we need to know about LA. I got to visit her only once but she was the perfect tour guide showing me so much in just four days. This guide is great for first-timers because it has all the hot

A Luxury Guide to Baja California Mexico

Welcome to Backpacker's Boutique. Every Sunday, this spot will feature a new travel blogger. Some weeks it will be a really fun interview about packing, fashion, and fitness so you can snoop inside their bags & lives a little bit and other weeks it'll be a detailed luxury guide to a city the featured blogger/expat knows very well.  E-mail me if

International Boho-Chic Designers: Seiba // Mexico & a GIVEAWAY!

[Welcome back to the series "International Boho-Chic Designers". I have met so many fashion designers and artists on my travels from whom I buy jewelry, swimsuits, tops, etc. I love having unique items and I'm creating this section to share them with you.  These people I've met and personally shopped from & love, not people perking

12 Tips for Visiting the Biltmore

I was lucky enough to see the Biltmore house while I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is hands down my favorite city in the U.S. and Asheville, location of the Biltmore, is only a couple hours away. I've listed 12 tips for visiting the Biltmore below. It's pretty straight forward, but for a first time visit

Taking Ben to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame // Cleveland

Although I was home in Ohio for a month, Ben only came for about a week, just in time for my best friend's wedding. He knew I lived out in the middle of nowhere, but I don't think he quite grasped it when he asked if we could spend a few days in NYC or Chicagao.

My Best Friend Got Married: Rachel & Ian

What would the point of this blog be if I couldn't share my best friend's wedding with you all? Rachel and I met in preschool when we were 3 or 4 and have been bestie's ever since. I made sure I was back in the U.S. for not just her wedding, but the other festivities.  Rach

Home in Ohio & A VIDEO of Ben Shooting a Gun for the First Time

I’ve been back in Goa now for a week, just in time for a few months of monsoon that comes through like a Dementor sucking up my soul and stealing sunshine and happiness. Ok, it's not that bad. I was in Ohio at my parent’s house for almost six weeks. It was the first time

Take on St Patrick’s Day in Chicago Like the Locals Do

Chicago does a lot right: hotdogs, nightlife, and deep-dish pizza, but what they do best is Saint Patrick’s day (celebrated the Saturday before the actual day). It's one of the best times to visit Chicago! On the shores on Lake Michigan, close to home, I’ve always thought of Chicago as a mini NYC. An already bustling