Camel Rides & Hot Air Balloons in Wadi Rum

When you think of Jordan, you wouldn't be alone if you picture deserts first. Many people first think of the big empty deserts and the famous Indiana Jones site of Petra. While in Wadi Rum, which should definitely be on your itinerary,  you can camp at a traditional Bedouin site and relax or you can

Essential Tips for Visiting Petra | Exploring a World Wonder!

You've probably heard of Petra, one of the new wonders of the World and the filming site of many movies (like Indiana Jones)! But a lot of people don't know what it involves to tour Petra. I wanted to put together some essential tips for visiting Petra so you're well prepared. The more prepared you

Tips for the Dead Sea in Jordan… a cool & crazy experience!

Visiting the Dead Sea is something I've always wanted to do and I was lucky to visit this dream destination on my recent trip to Jordan. You can also visit this Sea from Isreal. There were a few things I didn't know ahead of time so wanted to share some tips for the Dead Sea

10 Top Things to do in Amman, Jordan

Before going to Amman I didn't have many expectations. I hadn't done a lot of research and the city really blew me away and is unlike anywhere I have been in the past. I want to share some things to do in Amman Jordan. With only two days there, I covered a lot of ground

The Very Best Luxury Hotels in Jordan

From riding Arabian horses in Amman to riding in a hot air balloon in the deserts of Wadi Rum, there is no shortage of luxury in Jordan. The country may not be as rich as it's Gulf neighbors, but it's luxury options are many if that's the type of trip you want to take. I

One Month Backpacking Iran | Top 10 Experiences

Was backpacking Iran crazy? On our one way ticket to the Far East we never planned on stopping in Iran, a country we knew little about. However, we had heard some amazing stories from backpackers who had visited Iran. So we decided to go for it! And boy are we happy that we did. We

A Luxury Guide to Dubai

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