While I travel, I try to stay at unique boutique properties as well as splurge out from time to time at 5 star hotels. I also love beach shacks and heritage homes. You can find all my hotel reviews here.

Karawan Riad Review, Fes Morocco

When it comes to design, I don't think I've stayed in a hotel that tops this one. When I started writing this Karawan Riad review, I had a hard time limiting down the photos I wanted to share. Part of that reason is because my friend Tia who I was traveling with had her new

Grazing Goat Hotel Review London

While in London, Ben and I usually stay with his brother or other family members. There were a couple nights we did need a hotel during the weekend of his sister's wedding. I chose the Grazing Goat in Marylebone and area I didn't know much about before going. The hotel seemed cute though. Here's a

Here Are The Cutest Luxury & Budget Airbnb’s in Goa

One of the biggest issues with looking for an airbnb in Goa or hotel for that matter is that you don't know the location THAT WELL of where you are going. It's hard to say if the suburb or in Goa's case, village, is going to be near to what you want. It can take

Gallery Park Hotel And Spa Review Riga

While in Riga I arranged to stay at Gallery Park Hotel & Spa. It is a UNESCO building and was once in old mansion. When searching you’ll see that there is a popular Radisson Blu here, but I really wanted to stay somewhere with charm and something unique so I can really feel like I

Hutton Hotel Nashville Review

Last month I went to Nashville with my parents, Ben, my brother, Travis, and his wife, Bre. We needed 3 rooms for the 6 of us and I was in charge of finding a cool hotel. I wanted something boutique and not typical Holiday Inn or even a 5 star hotel. In Nashville, it's all

My Little Weekend Guide to Bangalore

This was my third trip to Bangalore, a city I really like visiting for more modern vibes, after all our home in Goa is in a village in a jungle. I've shared a little about Bangalore so here are some tips if you are coming in for the weekend and want something a little more

Stay at the Newest Palm Beach Hotel + What To Do

There's nothing not to love about Palm Beach, Florida! I love staying at new hotels and was hoping to stay at a cool Palm Beach Resort. The people over at Visit Florida who hosted this trip booked us in at the Hilton West Palm Beach which just opened in February. Go ahead and look up the price... right

Want Venice in Las Vegas? My Venetian Review

There are so many hotel options in Vegas and it's a bit overwhelming when you start planning your trip.  Most clubs and awesome restaurants are inside hotels so really you can choose any, and you'll still get to see the other ones. So how did I end up at the Venice in Las Vegas? If