I’ve lived in Goa for 3.5 years and have so much to share. I don’t keep the secret places to myself but lay it all out here on the blog so you can have a great time in this island paradise I call home.

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Toaster Oven in India

I didn’t think Thanksgiving food in India was going to be possible in Goa. We don’t get Campbell’s Soup. How can I make green bean casserole? Not a chance I’d ever find Stove Top stuffing. No one sells turkeys unless you order ahead of time (we’ve already ordered one for Christmas). But the biggest obstacle

Private Secret Beach Resort in Goa

We found a secret spot in Goa. India’s pretty darn populated, so that’s saying something. Described online as a freshwater lagoon sitting just meters from the ocean, scattered with palm trees, and small tents to sleep in, your very own private secret beach resort in Goa. I guess it isn’t that secret since I found it

Diwali in Goa – Burn the Monsters!

Diwali, New Year, is every Indians favorite Holiday, but in Goa it's even more special because the night before the main day is when they celebrate Lord Krishna vanquishing the evil demon king Narkasur. Diwali in Goa is an exciting time!  Ben and I are so lucky to be good friends with locals here and

From a G6 to an Omni | Driving in India

Driving before India I LOVE to drive (I even like driving in India).  A month after getting my license, at 16, I flipped a Tahoe a few times. I wasn’t going to let that little snafu discourage me. After a truck, and some Dodge thing, my little Pontiac G6 arrived. Her and I have logged