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Goa Designers Van Andel & Peace and FARA (huge giveaway!)

Last month I did a giveaway for a silk scarf from FARA, and you guys wanted it so badly that I had more than double the usual amount of entrants for the giveaway. So Merry Christmas early, because I asked them if we could do it again with their new line of scarves! They did a collaboration with a huge jewelry brand in Goa called Van Andel & Peace (sold at Cheshire Cat Gallery), and the scarf that came from that is just perfect for one of you!


BUT on top of that, Van Andel and Peace wanted to give away a Mala necklace with 108 fresh water pearls and 108 pink tourmalines ($150 USD value) alone with FARA’s Saraswati Silk scarf ($135 USD value). For this giveaway we’ll have ONE winner getting both luxury items. You lucky girl you ;)


You remember FARA was Fumie and Rachel’s Adventures, two chicks with major fashion backgrounds who live and work between Goa and London. They traveled India and put what they saw into hand-illustrated scarves painted by Fumie with traditional Japanese watercolor. You can read more about them in this post: FARA | India
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
Their new line for the season is available, and it doesn’t disappoint. So before I show you the scarves I’ll give you a little peak at some of the new clothing. There’s far more to see and they post updated shoots and new items on their Facebook page.
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers bolo dressBOLO dress
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers ghost dress
Ghost dress
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers KANON dress
KANON dress
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
twist skirt
Whereas their last scarves were about places in India like the Goa scarf they gave to the lucky winner Amanda, the new ones “O My God & Godess” are all about the Gods. Based on a mixture of Hindu Gods and children’s fairytales, the combined their love of India and the Hindu culture as well as both being mothers to young girls who happen to be best friends (and adorable… on Instagram they post photos of the girls picking their little outfits out for the day, so cute).


Introducing the “O My God and Godess” silk scarf collection from FARA

The first intense scarf is Shiva and the Little Mermaid depicting Shiva, pirate ships, mermaids, jellyfish and an astrological chart.
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
Ganesh and Dumbo are the focus of the second scarf, and my favorite! Full of circus animals, hard boiled sweets, macaroons, the temple from Keri Beach.
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
Hanuman and the Jungle Book up next…all the animals from the famous India story, Balu the bear, Bagera the Leopard, the Orangutan, Snake, and Tiger are on this scarf.
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
The last scarf, Saraswati is where the collaboration comes into play (okay, maybe this one is my favorite!). Saraswati and the Princess and the frog; a pond of carp fish, lily pads and jewels float (Van Andel and Peace jewels), king fishers fly around Saraswati the Goddess of Creativity. This is the scarf you will win.
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers
Find FARA @ FARA Boutique in Arambol, Goa, Saturday market in Arpora, Goa and Second Floow Studios in New Delhi or shop online at their Etsy shop. Be sure to follow FARA on and . For inquiries email [email protected]


FARA and Van Andel & Peace Collaboration

So how do FARA and Van Andel & Peace come together?
“Rachel came to visit us one day for a design for her engagement ring, and immediately it clicked between us. Later her  man came and bought the beautiful ruby lite seaflower design and so started a relationship both personal and professional.”
rachel FARA engagement ring
It was two years ago on Valentines day her boyfriend proposed to her with a Van Andel and Peace Ring made from Rubies (her daughters birth stone). This was the start of the love affair with Cheshire Cat Gallery, and of course, a marriage!
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers van adnel and peace
“Since then we have visited the gallery in Assagao and the stall at the Saturday Night Market a few times and treat ourselves with a piece here and there. We both own Malas made by Cheshire Cat Gallery.” -Rachel
FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers van adnel and peace
When they started drawing the Saraswati scarf, they knew they wanted to incorporate jewelry from the designs of Van Andel & Peace, which were perfect for the scarf design. The stamp of the “royal touch” was given to each piece and they loved that the designs are for “women with a strong sense of individuality and style”.


The Luxury of Van Andel & Peace @ Cheshire Cat Gallery

I live only a short drive from Cheshire Cat Gallery and have known of it even before I moved to Goa. It’s very famous and everyone who comes here on vacation comes to the gallery to buy their jewelry. The Gallery carries their own designs and also some other things like hand-woven clothing, silk shawls, candles, jewelry from other designers, and more.

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designersKees van Andel and Karen Peace met in the 80’s in Amsterdam, but now live in Goa after traveling India all through the 90’s on spiritual and trekking journey, and falling in love with it. They discovered the wealth of precious stones to be found in dusky bazaars and exciting jewelry alleys in Jaipur. They met gemstones dealers who they still buy their exclusive gems from today. The move to Goa from Jaipur was easy for them as they craved the freedom and nature of the Goa paradise.

karen and kees goa designers

“We never looked back. Now we’re employing a team of local women whom we have trained in both sales and design processes, and Kees now works with the same 4 goldsmiths in his atelier who have been with us for last 6 years. All these people have become family to us; now part of the family that we call Cheshire Cat Gallery, evolved into a household name in Goa.” -Karen

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designersThey use 22 ct. gold, sterling silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires selected carefully looking at the clarity and and color. As you can see, their designs are detailed and have amazing jewels in them. Kees does the design work with a goldsmith- he studied design at Rotterdam’s College of Fine Arts. Karen works the sales end and runs the gallery- she went to school for marketing and fashion in Amsterdam. Their designs are a mixture of ethnic Indian and classic Victorian.

Kees and Karen are going to be at the International Jewelry Show at Olympia in London in September and are working on a new collection. So, if you’re lucky enough to live in London, you can check them out! If you’re in Goa you can actually work together with them to make a personalized piece like Rachel’s boyfriend did.

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designers

van andel and peace jewelry goa designersCheshire Cat Gallery is in a cute old Portuguese house in Assagao, just down the road from Villa Blanche, off Anjuna-Mapusa Main road where you can shop in person. You can shop via their website (map with directions and phone numbers there), check out the Van Andel & Peace FB page, and the Cheshire Cat Gallery FB page.

**Enter to win the Saraswati scarf & Mala necklace!**

cheshire cat mala necklaceThe pink tourmaline is the stone for unconditional love and the pearls are for purity. 

FARA rachel and fumies adventures goa designers van andel and peaceLike usual, I am doing this giveaway through rafflecopter. Just follow the instructions below and do know that I go and check that you actually “like” or do the activity listed. If you already “like” these girls, then just hit enter and you’re golden.

The giveaway will listed for 7 days, shipping is international, giveaway is open to everyone, the value of the scarf is $135 and the necklace is.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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About the Author:

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years. Now she lives in Mexico where she gives advice on the 40+ countries she’s visited in the last 10 years. She’s the author of two India travel e-books: Guide to India and Insider’s Guide to Goa. Her blog, Werkenntwen, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Werkenntwen has been featured in ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan magazines. She’s a writer for Bravo TV.


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