20 Top Things to do in Alanya Turkey (With Prices & Video)

Last year around this time I was in Istanbul for almost two weeks on my own wandering around and trying all the best spas and restaurants. I loved being in Turkey: the history, the food, the people. Istanbul became one of my favorite cities. I had been wanting to come back to Turkey to go

Best of Istanbul (in photos)

I had so much fun taking photos in Istanbul and you guys seemed to really like the on Instagram. I mentioned in my little guide to Istanbul that I couldn't share them all in that post and would do another about my time with Walks of Turkey. I took the 3 hour Best of Istanbul walking tour but

Best Boutiques in Istanbul

I can't go to a new city witout checking out the shopping! Once I found out I was going to Istanbul, I searched the top things to do there and shopping was way up there. I started searching for the best boutiques in Istanbul and to be honest, was coming up short. I wrote down

Hotel Ibrahim Pasha, My Relaxing Hideout in Istanbul

After the World Tourism Fourm ended, I check out of the W in upscale Nisantasi and headed to the tourist side of town, Sultanahmet, and checked in at the Hotel Ibrahim Pasha (Ibrahim Pasha Hotel) for 4 nights. I wanted to be near the action for convenience but didn't want to hear it from my

My Little Guide to Istanbul

My 10 days in Istanbul was such a welcomed break from the dusty heat in Goa. It's not that I don't love the Indian beach life, but sometimes that fresh cold European air is very welcome! I need more time in Istanbul, but as most backpackers go for only 2-5 days to each city, I think

Where to Stay in Istanbul (& How to Get Around)

I adore Istanbul! 10 days was a long time to explore and this article will show how to get around Istanbul, a map of Istanbul, and help you answer where to stay in Istanbul and what each area is like, which was my big questions before I went. I went there just recently (Feb 2016) for