Tips on Backpacking Madrid

While in Spain, it’s very worthwhile to spend time in the capital, Madrid. For me, Spain was on the high end of my budget. I flew from Ireland to Spain and on to Greece before I headed north in my Eastern Europe backpacking trip. Spain was a luxurious extra that I could barely afford. Journey

Stay in a Castle in Italy

Imagine a beautiful walk down the ­­­­coast of the Gulf of Genoa, part of the Italian Riviera having a chocolate gelato, and heading up to take siesta in your castle overlooking the sea. You can stay in a castle in Italy for about 15 euros a night. In western europe, that’s a decent hostel price,

That Time I Called my Couchsurfing Host from Jail…

Barcelona pickpockets are notorious... here is my embarrassing story of being their target. Nothing makes you feel less traveled then getting scammed! “Hi this is Rachel, The American girl that’s staying with you.” CS host: “Oh great, you made it to Barcelona, where can I meet you?” “Just, like the police station. No big deal

Visiting Valencia

When booking a place to stay while visiting Valencia, you should decide if you want to stay in “Old Town” or near the beach, as the city scene is not integrated into the beach life. I was unaware when I booked and ended up in Old Town, paying quite a lot overall in bus tickets

8 Reasons to Try London Again

I was lucky enough to go back to England, and I am so excited to tell you about it. I wasn’t going to mess up this re-do, it was a second chance in London. I had already seen “what you’re supposed to see” years ago. London was the first city I went to in Europe.

Taken: Tourists in Paris

This is a story about two tourists in Paris. Everyone had seen “Taken” except me and I was warned repeatedly “don’t get in a taxi with a stranger in Paris.” Got it. (Disclaimer: when you warn me not do something, like go to Albania, I’m going to do it). So after missing the train to

Is Interlaken Too Touristy?

When I first went to Interlaken, it was by accident. I thought it was “off the trail” so to speak & I thought I was one of the cool kids seeing it first. Someone told us about it on a train and we detoured to see what the fuss was about. Turns out, everyone and

Magic of Salzburg’s Fortress

There are more reasons to go to Salzburg than for the Hohensalzburg fortress. It felt like a crime to go to Salzburg having never seen the Sound of Music. Just 3 hours by train from Vienna, this little town in Austria was like a fairytale. Horses outside a castle or more accurately; a fortress, couples