Best of Albania From a Local: Beaches, Bars, and UNESCO sites

This will contain a guest post from the wonderful Bena Mero, who was my tiny little superhero in Albania; she will let us in on the best of traveling to Albania, from a local's viewpoint.  After leaving Corfu Island drunk as can be, and taking a very sickening ferry ride, Megan and I were in

Tips on Vatican City

Having the security guard tell me, in the pope’s elevator, that the pope was on holiday in the Alps might not have happened if I hadn’t offered a bribe. Seems wrong considering I was in Vatican City, but it was completely unintentional... and totally worth it. My time in Rome started out innocently enough, getting

Journey Holland with Couchsurfing

Many people go to Amsterdam and that is all they see when they travel Holland. What a shame! When my buddy went home early in Amsterdam, I stayed in Holland as I wanted to see more cities from a locals point of view. I have written how much I love to Couchsurf (CS) and tips to

Soaking up Rays at Budapest’s Szechyeni Bath House

Our couchsurfing host messaged “I’m on the pest side of the river”. That was how we found out Budapest is actually Buda on one side of the Danube, and Pest on the other. Most attractions are on the Pest side, including the steamy Budapest Bath House Szechenyi Baths. The Danube After a night of barhopping with

Why You Should Take a Walking Tour in Berlin

It might be a bit nerdy, but I love taking walking tours through European cities, like Madrid. I absolutely adore hearing how each one of them single-handedly ended WW2, or how they fought the most important battle of the war. I leave each city a believer in how strong the citizens are. Berlin was no

Dubrovnik: Stay at a Sobe in Old Town

When I got into green, beautiful, Croatia, I either kissed the ground, or… my imagination has warped and exaggerated the story over time. We couldn't wait to get to Dubrovnik, hoping to stay at a sobe in Old Town. Here’s the prequel: Megan and I had been traveling for over 2 days from Corfu, an

Curse of the Pink Palace in Corfu

After 24 hours of travel and sleeping on lawn chairs, we got off the ferry in Corfu. The van from our chosen hostel, the Pink Palace, awaited us. “Have a shot of ouzo! You must!” said the way-too-cheerful-for-6AM Greek man. Drinking was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but Greeks have a way of

10 Journey Tips for Venice.. & Going to Rehab

I have to admit my time in Venice was not well spent. You know when you’ve been traveling too long and you just feel tired? You don’t want to take any photos, talk to anyone, or sightsee? That was my Venice. Although, that didn’t stop me from shopping, nothing does. I bought beautiful Murano hand-blown