The Best of Mykonos Greece: Mykonos for Backpackers

“Dear Lord get me out of Athens”  After the airline lost my bag, and we spent our days exploring the hot, empty streets, I was really wishing I had done some research on when NOT to visit Athens (FYI: July/August). Where were all the people? They were on vacation in the islands because Athens is

Barcelona: tapas, sangria, and life lessons

There is nothing like the comforts of home. By home, I mean Anuar’s apartment in Barcelona. My superhero couchsurfing host picked me up from the police station after I was pickpocketed and filled me up with pasta and beer while I sulked that my photos were missing. There might have been a couple tears. To

What I Love About Santorini Greece: Scuba and the Gods

Don't stop reading this because you think Santorini, Greece is a crappy place tourists go!!! I'm going to tell you what I love about Santorini Greece... and you'll love it too, promise. It is a stunning, magical place that made me beyond happy. Like all Greek islands, there are tourists for good reason! The food,

Prague: My favorite city and not just because of Bohemian Bagel

The International Folklore Festival was taking place while we were in Prague, how lucky is that? It reminded me a lot of Krakow’s festival. Couples, men’s groups, and little kids perform dances and play instruments in traditional clothing. There were of course food stalls and vendors selling chocolates, trinkets, breads, and sausages. This was the

Medieval Krakow… was just okay.

Medieval Krakow was the only place in Europe that I was disappointed by the free walking tour; not because the guide was crap, but because they’re just wasn’t much to tell us about the city. While I usual love a walking tour, what was much more enjoyable in Krakow was wandering the well preserved buildings

Europe’s “largest” beer festival in Belgrade, Serbia

After a whirlwind weekend with new friends in vintage Sarajevo, we were off with them on a train to a beer festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Our mission was the “biggest European beer festival”. I’m still not sure I believe those stats, hello Oktoberfest?? The train to Belgrade cost 17 Euro and takes about 8 hours

War Torn Sarajevo, a Culture Shock

When people ask me what city I went to in Europe that was MOST unique, or my favorite, I usually bring up war-torn Sarajevo, Bosnia. I have mentioned it in other posts as somewhere with so much not-so-ancient history and an overflow of culture. I one day plan to go back. I couldn’t soak in

7 Journey Tips for Dublin Ireland

So many backpackers don’t make it to Ireland because they don’t want to add an additional flight. That was why I didn’t go my first time to Europe. Even with budget airlines, sometimes flights seem out of the question. I absolutely loved Dublin, although I was there only 4 days. I hope that anyone who