8 Reasons to Try London Again

I was lucky enough to go back to England, and I am so excited to tell you about it. I wasn’t going to mess up this re-do, it was a second chance in London. I had already seen “what you’re

Should I Get Journey Health Insurance?

Before your trip there is a lot to plan and get organized. But it's not just packing, you've got to think about paperwork and your health as well. Lots of new travelers ask me:  Should I get travel health insurance?

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Toaster Oven in India

I didn’t think Thanksgiving food in India was going to be possible in Goa. We don’t get Campbell’s Soup. How can I make green bean casserole? Not a chance I’d ever find Stove Top stuffing. No one sells turkeys unless

Taken: Tourists in Paris

This is a story about two tourists in Paris. Everyone had seen “Taken” except me and I was warned repeatedly “don’t get in a taxi with a stranger in Paris.” Got it. (Disclaimer: when you warn me not do something,

Journey Playlist: What’s On My iPod

Absolutely nothing can cure homesickness like the sound of familiar music, for me, that is my travel playlist. Ok, food comes in a close second. Being an expat in Goa, I am surrounded by trance and techno, which is okay sometimes,

Where to Stay in Bangkok

On my way to and from the Thai Islands, I stayed in Bangkok. I, unfortunately, didn’t do any research on where to stay. This worked out well on the islands, but unless you are staying on Khao San road, you

NH7 Weekender Bangalore- Music Festival

We headed off to Bangalore, or Bangaluru, the silicon valley of India, and the capital of the state Karnataka. Bangalore is the I.T. hub of India and many expats live here so there are a lot of “western” restaurants and

Is Interlaken Too Touristy?

When I first went to Interlaken, it was by accident. I thought it was “off the trail” so to speak & I thought I was one of the cool kids seeing it first. Someone told us about it on a

Backpacking India Alone

Last year, I chose to travel to India as a place to backpack for three months based only on the fact I wanted to see tigers and elephants. The more I read online and in Lonely Planet about all the

Liebster Award

I was kindly given a newbie-blogger award by Emily at Innocent Nomads. It reminds me of when my 6th grade basketball coach gave me ‘Most Improved’ at the end of the year. It was saying I had been terrible, and

Private Secret Beach Resort in Goa

We found a secret spot in Goa. India’s pretty darn populated, so that’s saying something. Described online as a freshwater lagoon sitting just meters from the ocean, scattered with palm trees, and small tents to sleep in, your very own private

Which Vaccinations Do You Really Need For Journey?

After planning your trip, telling your angry parents you’re leaving, and booking the flight, you might remember that you should check which vaccinations you need for where you’re going. Vaccinations for travel can be expensive and unnecessary so it’s important