Dubrovnik: Stay at a Sobe in Old Town

When I got into green, beautiful, Croatia, I either kissed the ground, or… my imagination has warped and exaggerated the story over time. We couldn't wait to get to Dubrovnik, hoping to stay at a sobe in Old Town. Here’s

Curse of the Pink Palace in Corfu

After 24 hours of travel and sleeping on lawn chairs, we got off the ferry in Corfu. The van from our chosen hostel, the Pink Palace, awaited us. “Have a shot of ouzo! You must!” said the way-too-cheerful-for-6AM Greek man.

10 Journey Tips for Venice.. & Going to Rehab

I have to admit my time in Venice was not well spent. You know when you’ve been traveling too long and you just feel tired? You don’t want to take any photos, talk to anyone, or sightsee? That was my

Tips on Backpacking Madrid

While in Spain, it’s very worthwhile to spend time in the capital, Madrid. For me, Spain was on the high end of my budget. I flew from Ireland to Spain and on to Greece before I headed north in my

Stay in a Castle in Italy

Imagine a beautiful walk down the ­­­­coast of the Gulf of Genoa, part of the Italian Riviera having a chocolate gelato, and heading up to take siesta in your castle overlooking the sea. You can stay in a castle in

That Time I Called my Couchsurfing Host from Jail…

Barcelona pickpockets are notorious... here is my embarrassing story of being their target. Nothing makes you feel less traveled then getting scammed! “Hi this is Rachel, The American girl that’s staying with you.” CS host: “Oh great, you made it

Visiting Valencia

When booking a place to stay while visiting Valencia, you should decide if you want to stay in “Old Town” or near the beach, as the city scene is not integrated into the beach life. I was unaware when I

Grade 5 Whitewater Rafting the Nile River in Uganda

When I am on a backpacking trip, there is one expensive thing I don't even question spending money on: ADVENTURE. It's always a little costly, it's always worth it. I budget an extra 400 bucks/ month so that I can

Kicking Back on Koh Lanta Island

Krabi's beach buddy, Koh Lanta, was the only deserted beach I made it to in Thailand. I only wish I would have gone there last, so I would have appreciated it more! With stunning views along the Andaman coast, the

Getting my Western Fix in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is a very modern Indian city. It’s my favorite of the ones I’ve been to. I found it less chaotic and less crowded. The “green city” really is stunning, although our taxi driver told us they are cutting down