Camel Safari in Jaisalmer: The Ultimate Checklist

The main reason people go to Jaisalmer, an ancient Fort city, is to ride a camel through the rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Some will tell you this is “too touristy”, but not me! I loved every bit

6 Reasons You’ll Love Jaisalmer

“I find Jaisalmer too touristy… you can’t really enjoy it”  Blah, blah. Not true! I loved Jaisalmer with a passion. I'm going to tell you 6 reasons why you'll LOVE Jaisalmer, some Jaisalmer travel tips! I didn’t only love this

Why You Should Hire a Car from Jodhpur to Udaipur

Most times, people take buses and trains and wouldn't consider hiring a car. It's a little different in India, where car hire can be quite cheap. I once took a mountain car ride through treacherous roads for 10 hours and

International Boho-Chic Designers: Doe Designs // India

[I am so excited to launch this new series of my blog "International Boho-Chic Designers". I have met so many fashion designers and artists on my travels who I buy jewelry, swimsuits, tops, anything from. I love having unique items and I'm

A Better Option than a Prepaid Taxi in India

Everyone and their mother say when you get to the airport, be safe and take a prepaid taxi in India- this way you won’t get ripped off by the shady drivers outside the airport. In some ways they are correct, but

10 Journey Tips: Bustling BLUE City of Jodhpur

You have probably scrolled through photos of Jodhpur on Pinterest (ahem... click here to check out my boards) or somewhere else on the web, unknowingly; it's the Blue City of Jodhpur- all the buildings painted a sky blue, looking incredible

A Soul Searcher’s Guide to Udaipur

This is a follow up to My Guide to Udaipur, so if you missed that post, start there! Udaipur is the lake city of India... the Venice of India… the romantic city of the subcontinent. It’s everything: VIBRANT, cultural, but