Most Popular Journey to India Questions Answered

I’ve been answering a lot of questions from potential travelers to India. Some of the questions are things I never even think to post on this website. I’m going to address the basics of travel to India now with some

This is India! (one)

[I always have funny/weird stories about India to share with friends or family when I talk to them, which has inspired this new series This is India! It’s not that I want to make fun of people or have a

The Indian Bus Ride from Hell

After a few relaxing days and becoming MTV India movie stars (just kidding), we were ready to say peace out to Manali. It was pretty empty and we were hoping to meet some more people to make our days a

My 11 Secrets: How to Save Hundreds on Journey

You’ve shown up at the destination you’ve been dreaming about for years… are feel let down. It’s too expensive. It’s too crowded. You can’t get a beach chair. You can't even see over everyone to get a photo of the

That Time I Was in an Indian Rap Video…

Just when Chloe and I were starting to think that we would have a simple day of wandering around Manali doing nothing (since everything was closed), a lady stopped us on the street and our whole day changed in a minute. Because

How to Dress in India: the Ultimate Dos and Donts

When I left for India, long before I knew about travel blogging, I had to ask “Does anyone know someone who backpacked India?" around a lot. I had so many questions! I didn't know how to dress in India at

3 Ugandan Orphans that Changed My Life

It was December in Uganda and the kids at boarding school came home for winter break. The couple running the NGO ­St. Nicholas Uganda Children’s Fund thought it’d be a great idea for me to meet a few of the Ugandan