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Do NOT go to Jordan without trying Ma’in Hot Springs Spa

I tried out a few spa options during my time in Jordan like the luxury Intercontinental in Amman and Kempinski with the magical Dead Sea salt, but I think Ma’in Hot Springs is the ultimate spa experience in Jordan. and the famous hot springs at Ma’in (Hammamat Ma’in) are what make it the best spa in Jordan – or in other words, one you better not miss while you’re there!

Although I haven’t tried all the spa treatments Jordan can offer, I did try the ones with the best reputations. Beyond that, the other top spas in Jordan are in 5 star hotels. I’ve had signature massages at, for example, the Four Seasons in a few locations in the world and I can guess that they would be similar here as well – same goes with other top 5 star hotel spas in Jordan.

The Best Spa in Jordan

I was a guest of the tourism board in Jordan and I told them that I am massage-obsessed and they said I just had to try the spa at Ma’in and in their mind it was the very BEST the country could offer. I was like yeah, I’m in (obvi). So what makes Ma’in the best spa in Jordan?

-The mineral rich hot springs and natural waterfalls!

-It’s a Six Senses Spa.

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in JordanSix senses is a brand of resorts and spas. To me, the most famous is the one in the Maldives which has won loads of recognitions. Not only was the spa amazing, but the Ma’in Resort itself was incredible. Ben could care less about spa stuff but was like “we’ve got to come back here!”

Beyond that, CN Journeyer did a round-up of the “readers’ choice” top spas in the world and Ma’in is #2, granted it was a few years ago.

It’s at 264 meters below sea level and very close to the Jordan River and Dead Sea. I’ve shared about how the Dead Sea is full of minerals and mud that celebrities use to look young and some people even use to heal a variety of ailments. This is no different in that sense, although the water isn’t salty like the sea. It’s still mineral-rich with Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium.

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in JordanThese hot springs do have areas that are open to the public, pay per use. The ones in here are not open and there are two places you can use them the resort pool and the spa pool. The spa pool is a little walk away (enough that they offer a car). The spa pool is definitely the best of the two. The waterfalls come into the pools and you can stand under for a back massage. The water is 113 degrees (and higher) in the falls.

I had a mud wrap and an “oriental” massage. The mud wrap was of course Dead Sea mud and after it was put on, I had to get into a heated space blanket (like in Istanbul!) and then got a massage until it was too hot to take! After taking that off I had the second half of the treatment, which was basically a Balinese. I loved it! It was a two-hour treatment and absolute heaven.

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

The Ma’in Resort

The resort is a “wooden” theme I guess you’d say? Ha, it’s all natural looking. Even the pens at reception are wooden. I loved the decor and feel like I could live in a place decorated like this. The rooms were cozy with huge bathtubs and balconies. The food was also quite stellar.

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in JordanThe food was fantastic. We had big sandwiches for lunch with Caesar salad and the dinner buffet had.. wait for it…. make your own fajitas complete with gooey cheese sauce. This was our last night in Jordan so I felt okay having some Western food after eating Jordanian food all week. Although it was a buffet ha, I had a little of everything!

The morning that we left, we had about 30 minutes before check out and Ben was like, “I have to get in that waterfall one more time!” He swam and jumped and played… and I said Ben we have to go! He’s like Ohhh 5 more minutes! Ha, like a kid at the pool. He really loved it and I did too.

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in Jordan

ma'in The Best Spa in JordanHistorically, this area was frequented by the folks in the Bible! John the Baptist was killed here & King Herod used the waterfalls!

I highly recommend this resort & spa. You can book here! Address: Six Senses Spa, Evason Ma’in Hot Springs, Madaba, Ma’In, Jordan. You can read more about visiting this area on Lonely Planet.




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    I love the idea of talking about best spas in a certain location! I mean you travel and you visit, but at some point you got to rest, right? Spas are fantastic for this!

    • Rachel Jones June 14, 2016 at 4:35 pm - Reply

      Exactly.. and when you travel quite quickly especially you need to relax and take a day to soak it all in!

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