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Amazing B Resort and Spa Orlando (only $100 bucks!)

At the time I checked into the B Resort and Spa Orlando it was $99 bucks a night, and when I’m writing this it’s showing $109. I was pretty surprised since the place is a 4 star hotel with boutique cute style. I wasn’t asked to write a review about this hotel, but really think it’s a great value for money hotel in Orlando, so wanted to share it in case you’re headed. It is an official Walt Disney World hotel and offers free shuttles to and from the parks and priority seating at Disney shows and restaurants. Click here for rates and availability. 

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B Resort And Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa OrlandoThe lobby is white with big pops of color with trends in mind, like the backgrounds of real looking photos that have benches below for “selfies”. The chair in the photo above is $18,000 bucks from a designer (I forget who) in Italy. 

There are a variety of rooms: suites, double, pool rooms with patios and balconies, and family rooms that have bunk beds in them. The room was very spacious and I got to peek in on the family room which was pretty huge with the king bed in a separate room within the hotel room.
B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

Each of the B resorts have an endangered animal they donate money to and support through the purchase of stuffed animals, and at B Resort and Spa it was this cute frog! They have the stuffed animals in the rooms and if when you leave you want to buy it (or one from the gift shop) you can. I can guess lots of kids sleep with them and then it’s hard to say no when they want to keep them- so I bet there is a lot of money going to these frogs!

All rooms come with free WiFi and “blissful beds” their signature mattresses.
B Resort and Spa OrlandoThere were amazing views at the hotel and you could see over to the nightly Disney fireworks which would be awesome if I were in the room at the time they went off, which I wasn’t. But, it’s good to know. The elevator is open glass so when you go up you see the view as you rise.

B Resort and Spa Orlando

b resorts and spa

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa OrlandoAs you can see, the rooms are white bright and spacious. My room had double beds and a living room area with couch. I had only been back in the US for a few days at this point, and turned on the huge TV, plopped into bed, and felt like it was the best thing ever!

Of course, all hotels need a spectacular pool and this one didn’t disappoint. I think because most people were at Disney, the pool was nearly empty all the time. I loved the walk-in pool entrance and they mentioned it had music playing underwater which I’ve only seen at one other hotel on my travels.

There was an outdoor patio area that led to a cafe, shop, pool, spa, and the other rooms and banquet halls. There were activities out there like a fire pit for smore’s and a giant life-size game of checkers.
B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa OrlandoThe spa carried

Sun Bum which I am a HUGE fan of and must have mentioned on this site about 100 times. They also had all Aveda products in the spa AND in the room- shocking! I haven’t seen that before and not gonna lie, took the shampoo and conditioner home with me.

B Resort and Spa Orlando

The in-house restaurant was delicious. They had a big old red truck inside that they hydroponically grew their own lettuce and herbs. If you ordered a drink you’d get fresh mint and basil straight from the garden. The whole restaurant is “farm to table”.

The girls and I got a dish each and split them into quarters to share because no one could pick just one thing. Story of my life. We got the fish tacos, fried chicken sandwich, burger, and grilled cheese and blueberry sandwich.B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa Orlando

B Resort and Spa OrlandoEverything was surprisingly tasty, although it turns out I don’t like Gruyère cheese. They had an adorable little coffee shop with some bomb looking milkshakes. I was here just two nights so didn’t have time to try everything. I did come into the American Kitchen for breakfast both mornings and chose the buffet instead of a la carte and it was delicious. Nothing better than Mickey Mouse shaped waffles!

To check prices for B Resort and Spa Orlando and book, click here. I choose Agoda because it usually gives me the best prices.

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