• Awesome Journey Resource for Indian Journeyers

Awesome Journey Resource for Indian Journeyers

I’m always writing about how non-Indians can travel in India, but today I want to share a travel resource for Indian travelers that I think will be very useful to you guys!

Journey Resource for Indian Journeyers

Awesome Journey Resource for Indian JourneyersI know I am blessed to have a passport that allows me to travel easily in and out of the US to a huge variety of countries, but for my Indian readers I know that is not the case. Sometimes, for Indians, getting a visa can be such an issue that it can mess up their travel plans completely. This tool I’m introducing is a “Visa Free Tool for Indians” which helps Indians choose destinations they don’t need a visa to and can travel to without hassle- then gives them all the practical tips useful to Indians in that destination.

Example of the Visa Free tool for Indian travelers

So, let’s take Thailand for example.

Awesome Journey Resource for Indian JourneyersThe first thing it shows you is the basic information, which is always the most important, like how long you can stay in the country. Although this is a “visa free” tool it still shows the places the offer Indians a simple Visa on Arrival, which is really more like an entry fee. It tells you the price of the Visa on Arrival. It reminds you to do this when you enter (as in if you come through Bangkok to another city, you’ll pay this in Bangkok). It needs paid in Thai currency, so you can pull out the money in the ATM on arrival or use your card. It also tells the currency and festivals.

Next you can search by place within Thailand, so let’s take Koh Samui as an example, which is a place I love. You can see the climate, best time to visit, attractions, and where to eat.

Awesome Journey Resource for Indian JourneyersYou see local food and Indian food, since we all miss our home cooked meals when we are away. As a American blogger in India, I tend to point out American style food in my blog posts while I travel, so this is just the same same but different, as we say in India.

For other useful tips for Indians traveling abroad check out:

  • Backpack ME. Ashray and Zara are travel bloggers from India and Portugal and often write tips as Ashray has an Indian passport and writes numerous articles on destinations he visits and how to get a visa as an Indian. In fact, there is a whole section on it: Visas for Indians
  • The Shooting Star is a travel blog run by Shivya Nath who writes about her travels abroad. She has various helpful article like this one: US Tourist Visa for Indians
  • The bloggers behind Empty Rucksack wrote this great post for Nomadic Matt How this Indian Couple Navigated a Complex Visa System to Journey the World

There are more like this on each of those blogs if you continue clicking around. If you’re an Indian reader checking this out, I hope that this tool can help you find somewhere easy to go on your next trip!

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Awesome Journey Resource for Indian Journeyers

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About the Author:

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years. Now she lives in Mexico where she gives advice on the 40+ countries she’s visited in the last 10 years. She’s the author of two India travel e-books: Guide to India and Insider’s Guide to Goa. Her blog, Werkenntwen, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Werkenntwen has been featured in ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan magazines. She’s a writer for Bravo TV.


  1. Seri August 29, 2016 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    Hi Rachel….I’m from the Caribbean and both Trinidad & Tobago along with Jamaica can be added on the list of countries Indians can travel without a visa

  2. Tim UrbanDuniya September 10, 2016 at 11:07 am - Reply

    Great tips. I have so many friends in India who complain about how difficult it is to travel anywhere, but I always tell them that it’s not all that bad – there are some awesome places to see without a visa. And great to see you mentioned Ashray and Zara here – their site is a great resource :)

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