Little Journey Guide to Langkawi

Langkawi is a group of 99 islands off the West coast of Malaysia and is a popular vacation spot for Asian and Middle Eastern people. Two of the biggest things Langkawi is known for is marble (kawi) and eagles (helong), hence the name Langkawi! Less than 20% of Langkawi is developed, it’s the first UNESCO

11 things to do in Langkawi to get an adrenaline rush!

I loved visiting Langkawi! There's so much to do there. It's very tourist-friendly, and many locals from Kuala Lumpur come here for vacation. Here are my top things to do in Langkawi! 11 Things to Do in Langkawi 1. Jet Ski Island Tour This was my favorite part of Langkawi! You can go to 8

Guide for One Day in Mumbai (Bombay)

Bombay (Mumbai) can be overwhelming on your first visit, but after multiple trips it's much easier to get around with ease and see more of the amazing city. I'll share with you where I took my parents in Mumbai when we only had one day. With just one day in Mumbai, here is what you

I’m going to Kerala with goMowgli & want you to come too!

I have been holding in this exciting news for a couple months now and am so happy to finally share that I'm going on another tour with goMowgli and they are offering a discount for my readers to come along with! This time, it's Kerala! If you remember, which how could you not since I

Spa in Langkawi… What is ear candling?!

The streets in Langkawi (Kuah and Cenang especially) are lined with spas! You can get all kinds of treatments at a big variety of price, with hotels and resorts being the highest. They are really big on reflexology here, I saw a lot of Thai massage, and mani/pedi places. Another big thing was the “ear

See 8 Gorgeous Islands on the Langkawi Jet Ski tour

If there’s one thing you do in Langkawi, this should be it! I’d go so far as to say, if you’re on a gap year you should wait until Langkawi to do any jet skiing. All booking information is at the bottom of this post. The tour is four hours long but you can go

Indian Replacements for American & UK Beauty Products

You will find some of your favorite British or American beauty products in India, but some will be missing or only available at duty-free in the airport at a much higher rate. I've had to learn to swap out brands and products I loved for a similar one available in India. In reality, it's not

Moving to India Packing List Part 3: Clothing

With so many people wanting to move to India (seriously, I get a couple e-mails a week), I've been adding a couple more posts about what to pack and know before you come here. In the first two segments I focused on Americans moving to India as the beauty and hair products and random things