My Guide: the BEST Itinerary for India

I get e-mails from readers who are planning to backpack India and they want the details: who to fly with, how to get their visa, should they use a travel agent, & an itinerary for India (where should they go and in what order). I’ve noticed that since I posted the only packing list you

Don’t Go To Delhi Until You Read This!

Delhi was not kind to me and Delhi scams can be harsh to handle. Luckily I had already been in India a month before I came here or I would have thought India was a drag. So what happened in Delhi? 1. I got Dengue Fever 2. Couchsurfed at a creep’s place 3. Almost got scammed while

FAQ: Should I Come to Goa in Monsoon?

I love rain. I grew up in Ohio where springtime meant rain for a month or more straight. A lot of people told me, “The Goa in monsoon season will be ten times more than what you’ve ever experienced," but I have to say, it isn’t that bad. I hear it's unbearable in Calcutta during the second

When to Journey to India: Everything You Need to Know

Before a trip I do read a lot about the destination I’m going.  I don’t plan out an itinerary per se, as I always change my mind along the way. But, I am a planner at heart so I do put together a little list for myself and to keep my parent’s nerves at rest.

Don’t Leave India Without Rajasthani Wall Hangings!

For all your budget travelers, that can't do much shopping: if you were to ask me what is the NUMBER ONE thing to buy while traveling in India- I would say traditional Rajasthani wall hangings. I've told you about my time spent in Rajasthan: Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and Jaipur and I saw SO many

Easy Guide to Jaipur’s Pink City

For a MUCH updated guide, check out my Places to Visit in Jaipur post! Remember when I told you about the “blue city of India”, well they have a pink one too. Of course.  If you’ve been following my Rajasthan adventures, you know that Rajasthan = bright colors, sequined saris, orange turbans, sand, castles, forts,

The Hippie’s Guide to Shopping in Goa

Goa has THE best market in India, if not the whole world: the Saturday night market, followed closely by the flea market. These aren’t the only options, but are great places to start shopping in Goa. The two biggest markets are only open ON SEASON: End of October through March-April. I couldn't fit this is my

Ultimate Unique Guide to North Goa

I read once that as a travel writer you shouldn’t use the word “paradise”, but there is truly no other way to describe Goa. Imagine people who love their lives completely. They came to Goa to start a business they dreamed of, play music, or sell paintings. With a low cost of living, people can