Celebrating Sao Joao in Goa by Jumping in Wells

Every year in monsoon on June 24th, Christians celebrate Sao Joao in Goa in dedication to John the Baptist. There are lots of Christians in Goa because of the Portuguese influence so you see beautiful churches like in Old Goa. Because there is such a big bunch of believers here, they have a festival in

Mangeli Waterfall, a Monsoon Adventure

As it's raining cats and dogs in Goa and I'm trapped inside, this seems like a good story to share. We planned on waking up early to get to Mangeli waterfall at first, but early wake up calls literally never worked unless there is a plane to catch. Of course we showed up just about

Which Goa Restaurants and Clubs are Open in Monsoon?

One of my favorite things about being an expat in Goa are all the food options here. I have made many lists, including my favorite restaurants in Goa but sadly most of these are all closed. I've already explained a lot about what it's like in Goa in monsoon, so please do check out that post first. Don't forget

Old Goa Places to Visit (or to skip)

When it comes to Goa there are very few "tourist" attractions, but one is called Old Goa. If you're going to be here for a short time I don't recommend seeing Old Goa and actually have only gone once, which was after a year of living here when Colleen who blogs at Colleen Brynn Journeys visited

Wildflower Villas // A Goa Eco Resort

Ben was in the back of the omni saying, “I don’t think this is right…” while I followed the map and drove us to Wildflower Villas. He made a good point. It seemed like we were in an industrial area we weren’t allowed. But just as Google promised, we saw the big white gates and

Stay at an Ashram in Rishikesh, the Birthplace of Yoga

While in Rishikesh, of course I followed in the Beatles footsteps like every other traveler in India, and stayed at an ashram. There are SO many to choose from.  We across Ram Jhula to Swarg Ashram (an area, not the actual ashram). You could waste days searching for the perfect one so instead, we just

Tips to get Spiritual Just like the Beatles in Rishikesh

ALRIGHT, you all want to get all spiritual in India. I know this because you e-mail me about it. There are stories galore about the Beatles in Rishikesh, because along with some other serious celebrities, they helped bring Transcending Meditation (TM) to the West.  Some were actually only there a couple weeks and were scared

Solo Journey: Making Friends and that Typical Convo…

When we travel alone, there is obviously a hope to make new friends on our trip. A lot of backpackers and long-term travelers will ask “Ever notice after 10 minutes of meeting a new person you realize you never caught their name?”  There is a typical 3-minute backpacking conversation I have with everyone I meet