My Favorite Books to Inspire Journey to India

Thinking about traveling to India but not ready to pull the trigger? Pick up a book to inspire you! Ok, but to be fair, before I went to India, I didn’t read a single one of these. While I was there I read a few, and since I’ve been reading India books quite often because

6 Trendy Boho Boutiques and Shops in Panjim Goa

Panaji (Panjim) is such a cute old town. If you’ve never been to Europe, you’ll absolutely love shopping in the old alleys. We always say if you took all the people out of the town and just looked at it, you might actually think you were in Portugal or Spain. Even if you’ve been to

Journeying India alone is hard. Here’s a pep talk.

I've gotten a few e-mails this month that really bummed me out. Three people sent me long e-mails about how difficult they were finding India to be and how badly they wanted to go home. One girl said she hadn't left her hotel in Bombay in 3 days since she arrived because she was so

Forget Tripadvisor: the REAL best restaurants in Panjim

Some of the best restaurants in Panjim are forgotten because many expats and travelers stay in Anjuna or too far away, but they are so good, it's a shame. While writing this I'm kicking myself for not driving the 35 minutes more often! Best Restaurants in Panjim Baba’s Wood Café A bit hard to find

Religious India: 5 Spiritual Things to do in India

This post is for those of you who want to get that "religious" experience while in India, whether it be Hindu or Buddhist, Muslim or Christian (although most are Hindu here). There are loads more than what is on this list and if you have a lot of time, I recommend these spiritual things to

My Picks: Best Food in Pune

Let’s talk good food... these are the places I ate based of recommendations on the best food in Pune. I only had 2 days, so I really stuffed myself full trying to research. I blame it on you guys! I definitely need to go back and try more places next time because this is not

Big News! Touring Karnataka with goMowgli, India’s first backpacker’s bus

This October, I’m going to be touring around Karnataka with goMowgli! It’s a state in India I haven’t seen nearly enough of. They're going to be revolutionizing the way people travel in India- so take a second to check out their site. UPDATE: As of 2018, gomowgli is no longer - sadly! If you still want a

Ask Me Anything: Scared to Journey Alone

I have posted a few e-mails from readers before, under the tag "ask me anything". I'm going to be doing it more often. I get a lot of very similar e-mails which means there are a lot of people out there thinking the same questions. Why not address them to everyone? That is what inspired