15 Tips on Eating Street Food in India & Not Getting Sick

Being the type of person that eats week old chicken from the fridge, I’m probably the last person that should give advice about this but I’m going to give it my best shot. There are some things on the street here even I won’t eat. I want to share some tips on eating street food

On The Go | Takeaway & Healthy Food in Goa

I was having a busy day rushing to a friends in Ashwem when I saw the new shop On The Go just at the Ashwem-Morjim Junction. Goa is known for a laid back vibe, which usually means slow service. Lunch takes two hours so I tend to eat something quick at home instead. So, I

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls Lit Up a City

Located on the bank of the Kaveri River, you find the Shivanasamudra waterfall,  the first hydro-electric power station in Asia (1902). They had so much extra energy here that they decided to light up all of Mysore- this was before NYC had lights! This area holds ancient temples and they believe that a long time ago

You Guide to Arambol: Drum Circles & New Age Hippies

This is a guest post written by Alex Wolfe and all photos are those of Alex Wolfe and Eleanor Daulby. Some have come to believe that Goa is now only for holiday makers and package holidays; a place ruined by it's own reputation for great trance parties and beautiful beaches. When I arrived in Arambol in

Somanathapura Keshava Temple & Village life

I absolutely loved checking out Somanathapura Keshava Temple- which is not something I usually say about temples. This is one of my 8 favorite day trips from Mysore. I know that the temple is the main attraction here, but even more so, I loved just walking through the small walkways between homes in this village. We

Oxygen Acres Organic Cheese Farm

I went to a cheese farm! I was pretty excited since in Goa, the only cheese I find which is edible is imported from Europe and costs about 12 bucks for a small square. In a place that reveres cows, I was curious to see what a cheese and milk farm would look like here

3 FAQ About Goa, Answered: Nightlife, Beaches, Cheap Lodging

Although my website has pretty much everything I know about Goa, I get many emails a day asking me to tell them MORE. Don’t I have some secrets or something I forgot to mention that I can share? So, here are 3 most asked questions about Goa, answered. For more tips on Goa check out my

A Reality Check |I forgot how hard backpacking was

As I mentioned, living in India as an expat is much breezier than backpacking through India for a variety of reasons like budget and familiarity. Before I started my kickass goMowgli tour of Karnataka I had to get myself to Mysore from Goa. I’ve been on a bit of a I-hardly-have-an-income budget, so instead of