Nagara Fort / One of the Coolest Forts in Karnataka

Remember ancient Hampi? The place that looked like the set of the Flintstones? Well, as it’s been explained to me, the people there were rich- like REALLY rich, perhaps the richest in the world in the 15th century. But as all things go, they lost it all to invaders eventually. The King’s head was chopped

Banavasi Temple | not even lonely planet knows this one

Just because it isn’t in Lonely Planet doesn’t mean it isn’t worth seeing! Just a two hour ride from Gokarna, Banavasi Temple in Madhukeshava is the oldest temple in Karnataka and absolutely worth the journey on the twisted hilly roads. It’s possible this is the oldest thing I’ve seen, but it really is hard to

Tailoring Clothes in India | Khaddi Cotton Tour in Melukote

While in the small town of Melukote, the main attraction should have been the towering old fort, but for me it was the khaddi! I was so excited for this leg of the tour so it's no surprise I walked off with 9 meters of the best cotton in India. The plan was to take

Mallandur Homestay & Waterfall Chasing in Chikmagalur

If someone tells me there is an amazing waterfall to hike to that I’ve just got to see in India… I’m not doing it! Waterfalls in India in November are cold and full of leeches. They sure are gorgeous though… Mallandur Homestay in Chikmagalur After a month of traveling with goMowgli, this was the last

Goa Designers Van Andel & Peace and FARA (huge giveaway!)

Last month I did a giveaway for a silk scarf from FARA, and you guys wanted it so badly that I had more than double the usual amount of entrants for the giveaway. So Merry Christmas early, because I asked them if we could do it again with their new line of scarves! They did

Birding Boat Ride at River Tern

Ah, back to the Jungle Lodge properties… I’ve seen about half of the ones in Karnataka now although I wasn’t there to sleep in the cozy cabins this time- just there for lunch and a safari with goMowgli. River Tern Jungle Lodge Boat Safari All safaris should probably have a lunch first. We arrived a

Chikmagalur Homestay & Trekking the Highest Peak in Karnataka

Once we made it up the mountain and stepped out of the car, we were so shocked at the cold air! I hadn’t realized how high we climbed, although my stomach had and I was feeling so carsick. We’d had a long day already of seeing Nagara Fort and the cow sanctuary (more on that

5 Updated or New Restaurants in North Goa

It always seems I go to the same handful of restaurants over and over because they are convenient and comfortable. But I keep meeting new people who tell me: "this place got a new chef, you have to try it again", "this place is now the "cool" place to hang" and "this place is owned