Bungee Jump over the Nile in Uganda

To continue my post about whitewater rafting grade 5 rapids in the Nile River, the next day, we woke up hungover and tired. Krista and Matt were staying, and Tom and I had to catch the 'adventure bus' back to Kamapala about 2 hours. I was so happy to meet them, as I'd come from

Grade 5 Whitewater Rafting the Nile River in Uganda

When I am on a backpacking trip, there is one expensive thing I don't even question spending money on: ADVENTURE. It's always a little costly, it's always worth it. I budget an extra 400 bucks/ month so that I can bungee, whitewater raft, or canyon. It seems like each area has their "adventure niche" and

Children of Uganda – Photo Gallery

I spent a little over a month living in a village about an hour outside Kampala, the capital of Uganda. I spent most of my time volunteering at the local hospital, but my favorite thing to do was play with the children. There is this stereotype of children in Africa that leaves people picturing them