Touring Coorg | Thadiyandamol & Iruppu Falls

You'd think after my last massive post on backpacking Coorg or this post on the top things to do in Coorg, you'd seen it all, but you haven't! As I continued touring Coorg with goMowgli it seemed to just keep getting better and better. Although we were in areas with no cell phone reception or WiFi, I was

Backpacking Coorg | Chikli Hole, Bylakuppe & Mandalpatti

Coorg is amazing. It's literally this jungle land full of nature worshiping warriors that make homemade wine and devour pork curry in their spare time. I mean, there's more to it than that but I think that's the big take away I got while backpacking Coorg with goMowgli. This post shares just SOME of what we

Big News! Touring Karnataka with goMowgli, India’s first backpacker’s bus

This October, I’m going to be touring around Karnataka with goMowgli! It’s a state in India I haven’t seen nearly enough of. They're going to be revolutionizing the way people travel in India- so take a second to check out their site. UPDATE: As of 2018, gomowgli is no longer - sadly! If you still want a

8 Things to Do in HAMPI: Jurassic Park and the Flintstones

I think I need to hire a writer to explain centuries-old Hampi, because I know I can’t do this place justice. It's seriously one of the top places to visit in India and home to some incredible landmarks. I've been back TWICE, once with goMowgli and another with my parents. If you feel like skipping my awesome

The Adrenaline Junkie’s 12 Options for Adventure in Manali

With are so many ways to find adventure in Manali; the options can be overwhelming! First of all see my complete guide on what to do, when to go, where to sleep, and what to eat and buy. If you're coming for fresh air, don't let walking around the markets be all the air you

Lost on the Dangerous Roads of Himachal Pradesh: Sarahan

If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, most likely you will fly into Delhi and head north from there. You might be going all the way up to Leh or Kashmir but it was November and we were soon to find out that we couldn't go so far north at that time. We stopped first in

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer: The Ultimate Checklist

The main reason people go to Jaisalmer, an ancient Fort city, is to ride a camel through the rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Some will tell you this is “too touristy”, but not me! I loved every bit of it. Although, I do hate to think that someone would come all the way

Survive Dengue Fever Symptoms Like A Boss

It was the worst I’d ever felt, and it wasn’t going away. Every day I was getting some new symptom, but I questioned, was just the stress of traveling solo in India? It wasn’t stress. It was Dengue Fever. It took me two weeks to know I had it, and by then I was almost