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Welcome to my blog, Werkenntwen!
I’m glad you’re here.

I always told my friends I would work any job six months a year if I could travel the other six. Journey AND shop: my two favorite things. I saved all year in college to spend my summers backpacking in Europe, or my winter having Christmas alone in Africa.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, in a close knit family of 4. My dad worked at General Motors and my mom is a special education aid. I have one older brother (I’m hoping him and his wife pop out some babies soon to take the pressure off me).

travel blog, family, backpackingWhen I graduated with my BSN, my brother, Travis finished his Masters

I have been lucky enough to have some of the same friends since preschool, perk of being from a small town. High School was a blur of soccer, studies, and getting into lots of secret trouble on the weekends.

travel blog, solo female travelHigh School graduation and best friends weddings

College was typical, lots of partying, working, and trying to study (but not really). It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year that I started to really think about the course in which I wanted my life to go. I spent two summers backpacking a little in Europe, and one month in Uganda my senior year.

Somehow, even with all of the great things and people that my life had blessed me with; I knew that something was missing. I knew in my heart that I belonged among the wildflowers, I belonged somewhere that I could feel free (Tom Petty, my favorite song of all time).

College at OSU: the school year spent partying, and the summers abroadCollege at OSU when I got addicted to travel

Upon graduating with honors as a Nurse I moved on from OSU to Charlotte, NC where after 11 months of cardiac care I was ready for retirement. Obviously it hadn’t taken long for me to realize the “real world” and I didn’t click. So I chose to create my own reality.

I chose the world on the road, living out of my backpack, eating street food and getting $4 massages…over the world where I’m barely breaking even to pay rent and worrying about finding car insurance willing to take on 3 speeding tickets.

I wanted to ride a camel & climb a mountain. It was as simple as that. I didn’t want to waste any time. I set off for India for a 3-month solo trip. I met the love of my life…in a bar, in southern India.

backpacking, india, solo traveler

travel nurse, seattle, city life, party, love, Back in Seattle when my boyfriend came to visit; fellow nurse gypsies

I went back to the states and tried out Seattle as a travel nurse for 3 months but couldn’t sit still. I was back in India before I knew it.

I see this quote often: Journey is only glamorous in retrospect. (Paul Theroux) and although on my first couple trips I could agree, I am learning how to make it glamorous IN the moment, while not spending a fortune (despite my unfortunate newly gained allergy to champagne). I want to show you another side of India; a pretty side the movies hide.

Sometimes I fail miserably, but I’ll teach you what not to do. There is a balance; taking the cheaper option for transportation, like a local bus, will give you the extra money to stay in a nice hotel when you arrive. I am a pro at finding the cutest boutique hotel with a pool, bargaining in the markets for precious jewels, and finding exotic yet sometimes expensive silks and cottons to make my own clothes.

Yes, I may have to take the lowest class sleeper train with 3 people trying to share my bed to be able to afford it… but with a little sleeping pill and my iPod, it’s the ADVENTURE that makes it so worth it.