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News: E-Medical and E-Business Visas for India + 60 Days On All E-Visas

India has announced recently that they are now offering e-business and e-medical visas for travel to India. They also changed the previous e-visa time limit from 30 days to the now 60-day maximum. This is great news! I want to share how to get a business e-visa for India and a medical one, which are now the same directions as a tourist e-visa. 

Getting a paper visa to India is a pain in the ass. Previous to this rule you could only get an e-visa if you were a tourist and staying in India less than 30 days. Now, it is for many reasons that you can get an e-visa and you can stay twice as long. 

It’s great for tourists who want more time and fantastic for people coming on health retreats or quick business. 

The previous paper visa meant you had to sent in documents your passport to officials and wait up to six weeks to get approved. The e-visas take up to four days. Massive improvement.

I’ve previously written two articles on this topic:

  1. How to get a Visa for India from USA (step by step if you stay longer than 60 days)
  2. How to get a Visa for India from UK (step by step if you stay longer than 60 days)
  3. How to get an e-tourist visa for India (the 30-day visa which is now 60 days)

I have gone back to update those posts to show that it is 60 days for the e-visa now, and not only 30. Hopefully, they will eventually make it even longer than 60 days. 

How to get a business e-Visa for India & a Medical e-Visa for India

Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, the easiest and fastest way is to use the third party , as they do it all for you and make sure all paperwork is in order before it’s sent. You can also do it more directly and cheaper on the .

Basically, if you sent a photo which isn’t to their standards the Indian Embassy will decline you and you have to pay again and reapply. iVisa helps avoid this and gets it done easy peasy, but with a service fee added. For me, it’s totally worth the fee but I know some on a budget would rather go directly through the government. 

If you want to use , there is a link to start the India paperwork. 

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Here are the full changes made to the e-visa system in India

  • E-visas now for 60 days instead of 30.
  • Not only e-tourist visas but now medical and business.
  • They also added more countries to their list of people who can come to India on an e-visa. There are now 161 countries eligible for entry. 
  • They have also added more airports. Previously you could only fly into a selected 16 airports to use the evisa and now there are 24 airports and three ship ports: Cochin, Goa, and Mangalore.
  • You used to be able to apply for the evisa only within 4-30 days of your travel, no sooner! Now, you can apply 120 days before your arrival date. 
  • While it used to be mostly just Americans who could get 5 year visas (the type you mail in, not e-visas), now more countries are able to apply for this lengthy visas.

As you can see how to get a business e-visa or medical e-visa is super easy. You can do this through the directly or you can use the third party. 


About the Author:

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years. Now she lives in Mexico where she gives advice on the 40+ countries she’s visited in the last 10 years. She’s the author of two India travel e-books: Guide to India and Insider’s Guide to Goa. Her blog, Werkenntwen, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. Werkenntwen has been featured in ELLE, Marie Claire, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan magazines. She’s a writer for Bravo TV.


  1. Scott Adlhoch May 9, 2017 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    India s really a great place to visit, by the End of this year I am planning to Asia and India is on the top of my check list.

  2. Tempesst May 9, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Damn all these improvements are incredible! I only wish they had happened before my trip last year :)

    • Rachel Jones May 10, 2017 at 10:35 am - Reply

      yes, you could have stayed longer! & didn’t you guys do multiple entry anyways and go to nepal then bounce back in without problems somehow?

  3. Tempesst May 11, 2017 at 1:42 am - Reply

    yeah I got second 30 day visa and was able to get back in only 5 days after leaving. We had decided that if I had any problems that we would just stay in Nepal until flying home.

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