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Michelle and Nikki are a couple from Malta struck by wanderlust and curiosity. A pharmacist and a mechanical engineer, they have travelled to over 60 countries on 5 continents and have recently traded their full-time jobs for an indefinite trip around the world.

Five Reasons to Visit Palawan (AKA Paradise) For Your Next Trip Abroad

If you’re headed to the Philippines, Palawan is probably already very high on your list of places to visit. Despite its popularity, there are still plenty of pristine and secluded spots on the large island, although it is also home to many bars and backpacker hangouts. Here are five reasons to visit Palawan. Why You Should

7 Popular Maltese Foods You Have to Try When You Visit

If you are ever lucky enough to travel in beautiful Malta, these are some of the most popular Maltese foods you have to try! Malta may be a tiny island nation, but what it lacks in demographics, it compensates for by its unique heritage, rich culture, history, and ruggedly beautiful landscape. Maltese people approach their

All About Lake Sevan in Armenia

Armenia remains one of the most underrated travel destinations in the Caucasus region and the unbelievably blue, sparkling Lake Sevan its star attraction. Lake Sevan is a popular destination for Armenians who tend to spend their hot summers in the area enjoying the sandy beaches and cool waters. Elsewhere, in the more remote parts of

7 Places to Visit in Georgia Europe That You Don’t Want to Miss

The Eastern European country of Georgia has so far been spared from the plague of mass tourism, and group tours have yet to discover the beauty and diversity of the Caucasian nation nestled in between Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Yet, there are many places to visit in Georgia Europe (or "Euraisa") that you might

Our Experience at the Himalayan Journey Mart in Nepal

When we were asked whether we would like to attend a travel fair we weren’t too sure about what it involved exactly, seeing that we had little experience in interacting with brands and other travel bloggers.  We have put together this post to highlight our experience at the Himalayan Journey Mart 2017 in Nepal and its

Why Trekking in Nepal Should Be on Every Journeyer’s List

As I was driven through the streets of Kathmandu to my hotel on the outskirts of Thamel, I was fondly reminded about why I had fallen in love with Nepal 10 years earlier. The narrow streets of Thamel, lined with food stalls and trekking shops didn’t look very different now, to how I remembered them.

Instagram Guide to Gozo: All The Best Picturesque Spots

The Maltese Islands’ iconic Azure Window, previously located on the island of Gozo, has collapsed earlier this year, battered by rough seas. Many locals are apprehensive that this unfortunate event may result in a decrease in interest towards the island but this Instagram guide to Gozo will show you otherwise! Dwejra at Sunset prior to